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Google Sheets Hyperlink: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to hyperlink in google sheets using insert link, the HYPERLINK formula and the right click method. Simply follow the steps below:

Create a Google Sheets Hyperlink Using Insert Link

1. Select the cell you want to add a hyperlink to

In our example we have clicked cell A1 as this is where we would like to add a hyperlink

Selecting Cell to add Hyperlink to

2. In the file menu at the top of the page click Insert > Link to open the insert hyperlink box

Adding Hyperlink using Insert Tab

3. Input the Text you want to be displayed in the cell in the box labeled Text

In our example we would like our display text to be “Lido Website”.

Assigning text display

4. Paste or type your website URL into the URL box 

This step will require you to input a valid website URL to create your hyperlink. In our case we would like to use the URL

If you have an existing link, you can simply copy the link from the URL bar in your web browser and paste it like so:

Inserting url link for hyperlink on Google Sheets

You can also type your link in the URL box and Google Sheets will give you URL suggestions from the internet to choose from as you type.

Searching for Websites

5. Click Apply

Now you will have a cell containing a clickable hyperlink with the text you specified.

Final Hyperlink

Insert a Hyperlink Using the HYPERLINK Formula

1. Select the cell that you want to contain a hyperlink

In our example we will select cell A1 as this is where we would like to add a hyperlink.

Selecting Cell to add Hyperlink to

2. In the cell use the formula =HYPERLINK(“link”,”text”)

Here we will be using the HYPERLINK formula in the form of =HYPERLINK(“link”,”text”)

Formula Breakdown:

Link: This is where you input your URL

Text:  Text is your display label for the hyperlink. This is what appears inside the cell.

Remember to enclose each of these in quotation marks (“”) as your inputs are not cell references. Forgetting to put quotation marks will result in #ERROR! Or #NAME? prompts.

For this example we will put =hyperlink("","Lido")

Inserting Hyperlink using Google Sheets Formula

3. Press Enter to see your hyperlink

You now have a hyperlink that uses your desired URL and anchor text (display text). Click on the hyperlink to view a preview of the link. Clicking on the preview will take you to the website.

Hyperlink preview window

Add a Google Sheets Hyperlink (Right Click Method)

1. Right click on the cell you want to add a hyperlink to

2. Select Insert Link

Inserting Hyperlink on Google Sheets using Right Click Method

3. Type in your text and link

Adding hyperlink and details

Let’s still use “Lido” for our display text and “” for the URL.

4. Press Enter 

Now you have your hyperlink available on your sheet.

How to Hyperlink to Another Sheet

There might be instances where you want to create a hyperlink in your spreadsheet to quickly navigate in between the sheets of your workbook. Follow this simple guide to be able to learn how to make a hyperlink to another sheet in Google Sheets.

1. On a blank cell, click Insert from the Main Menu and Select Link 

Adding a Hyperlink of a Different Sheet

2. In the pop-up menu, click “Sheets and Named Ranges”

Selecting sheets/ ranges in Google Sheets

3. Select the sheet you want to add a hyperlink to.

Adding Hyperlink of a Different Sheet

Let's make a hyperlink of the Cash Flow Sheet for this example. Simply click on the sheet name in the list.

4. Now you have a hyperlink to another sheet within the same workbook. 

Resulting Hyperlink

This can help in navigating larger sheets or related sheets as you no longer have to scroll along the list of visible sheets in your workbook. 

In conclusion, those are the different ways to add a hyperlink to a cell in Google Sheets.

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to create a Google Sheets hyperlink. You might also like our articles on how to convert a PDF to Google Sheets and how to wrap text in Google Sheets.

To optimize your workflow, we recommend reading our guide on how to attach a Google Sheet to an email.

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