Tired of monitoring your Google Sheets for changes?

Stay on top of your Google Sheets data with real-time alerts. Receive email or Slack notifications whenever specific conditions are met in your Google Sheet.
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How it works

Simply connect your Google Sheet, define alert conditions with spreadsheet formulas, and start receiving real-time notifications whenever those conditions are met.

1. Connect your Google Sheet

Connect your existing Google Sheets to Lido with one-click. Data is automatically synced once connected.

2. Set your triggers

Combine spreadsheet formulas with Lido action formulas like SENDGMAIL() to build custom triggers directly in your spreadsheet. Easily include data from your spreadsheet in your alerts.

3. Receive alerts

Lido automations will continuously pull in the latest data from your connected Google Sheet and trigger messages when your specified conditions are met.
Jake H., Supply Chain Analyst
"With Lido, I get real-time email alerts whenever our co-manufacturers update production, eliminating the need for constant manual checks and ensuring our data is always accurate and timely."

Watch and learn

Follow our step-by-step tutorial videos to get started in less than 10 minutes.

Send an email when a cell value changes

Send an email when a new row is added

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