Automatically generate custom documents in minutes

Automatically create documents, contracts, certificates, invoices, and more by merging data from Google Sheets and Google Forms submissions into a Google Docs template.
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How it works

Connect your Google Sheets or Forms to Lido and automatically generate Google Docs or PDFs for each row of data.

1. Start with a Google Docs template

Use variables like {{Name}} to indicate where data from your spreadsheet should be merged into the generated documents.

2. Connect your business data to Lido

Lido's spreadsheet connects with one-click to Google Sheets, Forms, and anywhere else your data already lives.

3. Use Lido's =CREATEPDF() or =CREATEGOOGLEDOC() formulas

Replace the variable placeholders in your Google Docs template with actual data from your connected sources. After inserting the data, a new Google Doc url is outputted for each row in your spreadsheet.

4. Automatically email your new document

Combine with Lido's SENDGMAIL() formula to automatically email newly created documents when a new row is added to your spreadsheet.

See how it's done

Watch James build an automation from scratch to create PDF invoices from Google Sheets in Lido in less than 10 minutes.