The Ultimate Starter Guide to Charts In Google Sheets

Jun 28, 2022

Discover the basics of chart-making in Google Sheets with this step-by-step guide, with short tutorials ranging from formatting to editing the data in your chart.

Google Sheets Add-Ons for Creating Forms

Jun 16, 2022

This article will discuss methods for building Google Forms from Google Sheets. Add-ons add functionality to Google Sheets and make Google Form creation a breeze!

Google Sheets Add-ons for Spreadsheet Formatting

Jun 1, 2022

Google Sheets can accomplish so many tasks, but sometimes the perfect feature is lacking. Here are some add-ons to up you spreadsheet formatting abilities on Google Sheets

Data & Analytics
Google Sheets Add-Ons for Number Crunching

May 19, 2022

Sometimes, Google Sheets is missing the perfect feature for your data analysis needs. However, here are some number-crunching add-ons to up your data analysis in Google Sheets.

Boost Your Data Analysis in Google Sheets by Using Pivot Tables

May 3, 2022

Pivot Tables in Google Sheets can be an incredibly useful tool for analyzing data. This article explain everything you need to know to effectively use Pivot Tables in Google Sheets.

Data & Analytics
Data Mining

May 3, 2022

Data mining is an important and often misunderstood process in computing today. In this article, we will discuss the basics of data mining and how your business can benefit from it.

Data & Analytics
Google Sheets Add-ons for Importing Data from Marketing and eCommerce Platforms

Mar 30, 2022

Sometimes, Google Sheets does not have the perfect feature for your marketing needs, but this article will give you some easy data importation add-ons to up your marketing analysis in Google Sheets.

40 Essential Google Sheets Tips & Tricks [2022 Edition]

Feb 28, 2022

In this 2022 edition, find 40 tips and tricks to quickly master Google Sheets

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The Lido 2022 Guide to Market Research

Feb 28, 2022

This article will give you a basic understanding of market research, including what market research is, why you should conduct it, and common methods for doing so.

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45+ Fresh e-Commerce Automation Statistics 2021 Edition

Nov 14, 2021

Find the impact of automation on e-Commerce in 2021 using 45 mind-blowing statistics.