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Airtable vs Google Forms: Which Is Better for You in 2024?

In this article, we explore the key features of Airtable and Google Forms and compare their differences. Read on to learn more.

airtable vs google forms

Airtable at a Glance

Airtable is a cloud-based platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, allowing users to organize, collaborate, and manage diverse types of data and workflows. 

Key Features of Airtable

Here are five key features of Airtable: 

Database Functionality: Airtable offers robust database capabilities, allowing users to create and link complex relational databases.

Custom Views: It provides multiple views (such as Kanban, Grid, Calendar, and Gallery) for the same data set, enabling users to visualize and manage their information in various formats.

Advanced Integration and Automation: Airtable supports extensive integrations with other apps and services, and includes automation features for streamlining workflows.

Real-time Collaboration: It allows real-time collaboration with team members, including live updates and commenting.

Rich Field Types: Airtable offers a wide range of field types like attachment fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more.

google forms vs airtable

Google Forms at a Glance

Google Forms is a free online tool provided by Google that allows users to easily create forms for surveys, quizzes, and data collection. It features a straightforward interface for designing forms, and automatically collects and organizes responses in a linked Google Sheet. 

Key Features of Google Forms

Below, we list five key features of Google Forms:

Simplicity in Design: Google Forms offers an extremely user-friendly interface, making form creation quick and easy for all skill levels.

Seamless Integration with Google Suite: It integrates flawlessly with other Google services, like Google Sheets, for immediate data analysis and organization.

Free to Use: Unlike Airtable, which has premium plans, Google Forms is completely free, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Automatic Grading for Quizzes: It can automatically grade responses when used as a quiz, providing instant feedback and scores.

Anonymous Responses: Google Forms allows the collection of anonymous responses, ideal for surveys and feedback where respondent privacy is important.

difference between airtable and google forms

Airtable vs Google Forms: How Do They Differ?

Let's compare Airtable and Google Forms together to highlight their differences:

Purpose and Functionality

Airtable functions as a versatile database management tool with spreadsheet-like features, suitable for complex data organization, project management, and workflow automation.

Google Forms is primarily designed for creating forms, surveys, and quizzes, focusing on data collection rather than extensive data management.

User Interface and Customization

Airtable offers a more dynamic user interface with customizable views like Kanban, Calendar, and Gallery, catering to various project management needs.

Google Forms provides a straightforward, easy-to-use interface for form creation, but lacks the advanced view customization of Airtable.

Integration and Automation

Airtable integrates seamlessly with numerous other applications and offers advanced automation features for workflow efficiency.

Google Forms excels in integration with Google Suite (like Google Sheets for responses), but has limited automation capabilities compared to Airtable.

Pricing and Accessibility

Airtable has both free and premium plans, with advanced features available in paid versions.

Google Forms is entirely free, making it more accessible for users who need a basic form and survey tool without additional costs.

Specific Features and Use Cases

Airtable is more suitable for complex projects requiring relational databases, diverse field types, and real-time team collaboration.

Google Forms is ideal for straightforward data collection needs, like surveys and quizzes, especially where anonymous responses and automatic grading are necessary.

So, while Airtable offers more robust data management and project tracking features, Google Forms is a more accessible and user-friendly tool for simple form creation and data collection.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the key differences between Airtable vs Google Forms. You might also like our article on Google Forms vs SignUpGenius.

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