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Import Questions into Google Forms (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to import questions into Google Forms from Google Sheets and another Google Form. Simply follow the steps below. 

Google Forms Import Questions

Here’s how you can import questions into Google Forms from an existing form:

1. Initiate the Import Questions Process

Within your Google Form, find the right-hand toolbar and click on the icon that looks like two overlapping squares. This is the import questions feature.

import questions into google forms

2. Choose Which Form to Import Questions From

A list of all your forms will appear in a new window. Scroll through and click on the form you want to import questions from.

google forms import questions

3. Select the Specific Questions You Want to Import

Look through the list of questions from the chosen form. Click the checkboxes next to the questions you want to add to your current form. Click the "Import" button to add them.

4. Edit the Questions in Your Current Form

Once imported, the questions will be part of your form. Click on any question to open the editing mode, where you can change the wording, answer format, or question order.

5. Add New Questions to Your Form

To include more content, click the '+' button to add new elements. You can add new questions, titles, and images, or break your form into sections.

6. Design Your Form’s Visual Theme

For visual customization, click the palette icon. You can change your form’s color theme or upload a header image to make it stand out.

7. Test Your Form with Preview

Before sending your form out, click the eye icon to enter preview mode. Go through the form to ensure everything works as expected and looks good.

Import Questions from Google Sheets

Here’s how you can easily transfer your questions from Google Sheets to Google Forms using the Form Builder add-on:

1. Organize Questions and Answers in Google Sheets

Start by arranging your Google Sheet to include questions, types, and answers. In column A, input your questions. Use column B to specify the type of each question (e.g., Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Section, or Text). Mark mandatory questions in Column C with 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'. Fill in Columns D-G with possible answers for multiple-choice queries.

2. Install the Form Builder for Sheets Add-on

Open your Google Sheet, click on 'Extensions' > 'Add-ons' > 'Get add-ons' then search for 'Form Builder for Sheets'.

Once found, click 'Install'.

3. Start the Form Builder for Sheets Add-on

Once installed, navigate back to 'Extensions', locate 'Form Builder for Sheets', and select 'Start' to activate the add-on.

4. Configure the Questions you want to Import

Utilize the Form Builder sidebar to pick out the questions you've prepared in your sheet to import into your form. In the example below, we used Questions and Answers. Within the Form Builder sidebar, specify which columns correspond to the question, type, description, and answers.

Once done, click ‘Get’ to ensure that Form Builder correctly interprets the data from your Google Sheet.

5. Link or Create a Google Form

Decide whether to append these questions to an existing form or to generate a new one directly from the Form Builder sidebar. Click ‘Import Now’ to transfer the questions from your Google Sheet into your Google Form.

6. Review Your Google Form

Examine the updated Google Form to confirm that all questions have been correctly imported and meet your initial criteria.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to import questions into Google Forms either from an existing form or from Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to number questions in Google Forms or our article titled ‘Why is File Upload Disabled in Google Forms’. If you want to know how to send emails based on responses in Google Forms, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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