Tired of constantly monitoring your spreadsheets?

Scale operations with spreadsheet automations triggered by dates, cell value changes, and new rows.

Lido is a new spreadsheet that automates work for you by connecting spreadsheet data to email and Slack.

Build custom workflows to automate repetitive work with spreadsheet formulas, not code.

Connect your data

Pull in data from Google Sheets, your database, and 10+ other popular SaaS tools.

Trigger tasks with action formulas like =SENDGMAIL()

Action formulas take spreadsheet data as inputs and perform tasks, like sending emails or slack messages, when triggered.

Make your spreadsheet data actionable

Transform your spreadsheets from static lists into automated tools that drive your business forward
List of dates
Receive a reminder about an upcoming deadline
List of tasks
Send updates to stakeholders when status changes
Form submissions
Send confirmation emails for new responses
"We’ve been looking for a tool that allows us to bring in project statuses from Google Sheets and automate emails according to project status, while also keeping track of what emails have been sent. Lido does that for us."
Ricardo T.
Director of Business Development,
Folio Title

Spreadsheet powered triggers you can't get anywhere else

Use any combination of spreadsheet formulas to create your own automation triggers. Lido works for all the cases where traditional “if this, then that” automation falls short.

Date triggers

Keep track of important dates with custom reminder emails.

Cell value changes

Trigger on any cell value, even when multiple changes occur in the same row.

Form responses

Use form responses in spreadsheet calculations, then send an email for each new row.

Recurring messages

Calculate KPIs in your spreadsheet and send regularly scheduled updates to your entire team.
"Lido is fantastic! You just can't do this in Google Sheets"
Danny E.
Head of Operations,
Sotheby's International Realty

No engineering team? No problem.

Lido powers production workflows for sales, marketing, and operations teams from startups to the Fortune 500.
Sales teams

Accelerate revenue

Broadcom and IBM pulled forward a multi-million dollar partnership by 3 months.
Business development teams

Grow user pipelines

Giftly saved hours of manual email sending and grew their user pipeline from their first go with Lido.
"You just saved me so much time. Hours and hours saved from manually sending emails. Also, best customer service I've ever been provided."
Russell M.
National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling

Start automating with Lido today.
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