All your data in one place. No coding required.

Lido is an all-in-one platform where you can gather data from multiple sources, work with it in a spreadsheet, and create custom reports, dashboards, and apps on top of your sheet.

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Build reports in minutes.
Then never build them again.

Lido automates all of the boring stuff, so you can spend more time on analysis, not hunting down the same numbers over and over again.

Set up your data connections once — by yourself, in minutes, no engineering team needed — then sit back and watch your reports update themselves.

Pull data visually,
without code.

Quickly find and pull all the metrics you need.

Add custom parameters, join together data from multiple sources, and schedule automatic data refreshes. No SQL required.


Do more with what you already know, Lido empowers
non-technical teams to make data-driven decisions faster.

Import and sync all your business data in our connected spreadsheet, then build custom dashboards and reports directly from your sheet.

Connect all your data.

Say goodbye to repeated CSV exports and siloed data. Import and refresh data from all of your apps and databases in seconds with one-click.

Use all your favorite formulas and functions.

Analyze your data in an interface you already know and love. Use all of your favorite formulas and functions (including pivot tables!).

Build apps from your spreadsheet.

Create beautiful reports and dashboards with live data on top of your spreadsheet. Link charts, tables, and maps to create interactive web apps, then share them with one-click.

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