Send daily KPI updates in Slack

Keep your entire team up to date on the latest metrics. Send daily KPI updates to a Slack channel based on data you have in a Google Sheet.

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Why you should use this

Adding an automation that sends daily KPI updates in Slack is a game changer for maintaining operational efficiency and team alignment. Eliminate the need for manual report generation and distribution by ensuring all team members are regularly updated with the latest performance metrics. By automating daily updates, you not only save time but also improve the visibility of critical data, which can lead to quicker response times and adjustments to strategies as needed.

How it Works

This automation will automatically send Slack messages at a certain time each day after fetching the latest data from Google Sheets or another data source.

Once per day pull the latest Sheets records

Once per day pull the latest records from a Google sheet

KPI totals are calculated on the new data

The latest KPI values are evaluated in the Lido spreadsheet

Send Slack message

Send a Slack message to a channel with any data from a spreadsheet

SENDSLACK(”lido-slack”,”product-channel”,”Daily Activations: xxxxx”)

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

This automation is ideal for team leads, managers, and executives who need to stay informed about daily operations and performance metrics. It is particularly valuable for those in sales, marketing, customer service, and IT, where real-time data drives strategic decisions. If you manage a team and want to ensure that everyone is aligned and aware of their progress against key objectives, implementing this Lido automation can enhance communication and keep your team engaged and focused on achieving their targets.