How to Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets [Easiest Way in 2023]

In this article we will show how to remove gridlines in Google Sheets, as well as how to show them and how to get rid of them from only specific cells.

How to Get Rid of Gridlines in Google Sheets

How to Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets

1. Go to View in the File Menu at the top of the page

This will be at the top of the workbook. Pressing View will bring up a dropdown of view options.

google sheets remove gridlines

2. Select Show and uncheck Gridlines

By default, gridlines will have a check mark beside it, simply click Gridlines to uncheck it.

hide gridlines in google sheets

3. Gridlines have now been removed from your Google Sheet

It will only leave the borders on your cells and its other contents/formatting. As we can see in our example below, all lines apart from the borders of our table in B2 to D11 are no longer there.

how to get rid of gridlines in google sheets

Tip: To bring the gridlines back, simply return to View>Show and recheck Gridlines.

How to Remove Gridlines from Certain Cells 

Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not yet have the capacity to remove gridlines from specific cells only.

However if we want our workbook printouts to look like we only have gridlines on specific cells, follow these instructions:

1. Remove your gridlines by going to View>Show and unchecking Gridlines

Don’t worry if all lines disappear from your workbook, we will be putting new ones back.

how to remove gridlines from certain cells in google sheets

2. Select the areas you want to have gridlines on.

Simply drag along your dataset to select. To add a new isolated selection, hold COMMAND on Mac or CTRL on Windows before selecting your required cells. 

how to allow gridlines on certain cells only in google sheets

3. Click the Border Icon in the Format Menu and add All Borders.

 This will add a border to our selected area around each individual cell like gridlines would.

Google Sheets Gridlines on Selected Cells

Tip: You can use gray as your border color instead of black to make the lines look more subtle.

4. Now only selected cells will have gridlines around them.

As you can see in our example, only cells between B2:C14 and E2:F6 have gridlines. You can print this worksheet and only these lines will appear on your printout.

Gridlines on select cells in Google Sheets

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