Autofill Google Docs from Google Forms responses

Automatically generate a Google Doc with details from new Google Forms responses, eliminating manual document creation.

How it Works

Using a Google Doc as a template, create individual Google Docs for each row of data in Google Forms for invoices, agreements, and reports.

Create a Google Doc template

Create a regular Google Doc to use a a template.

Include merge fields in the format {{field name}} where 'field name' is the name of your column in your Google Sheet.

Connect your Google Forms responses

Connect your Google Form Responses to Lido. When a new form response is added, it will automatically be pulled into Lido

Generate a Google Doc from one row of data and save in Google Drive

Generate a Google Doc by merging spreadsheet data into your Google Doc template and save it to Google Drive

CREATEGOOGLEDOC(<Google drive credential>,<path to template>,<file name>,<output cell>)

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