Automate PDF data extraction to spreadsheets with AI

Turn your PDFs into structured and usable business data. Connect a Google Drive folder, extract the exact data you need from a PDF using AI, then output that data into a structured spreadsheet format ready to upload into any system — POS, CRM, ERP, EHR (or your favorite three letter acronym).
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How it works

Lido is a spreadsheet built with custom formulas and data connectors to automate repetitive tasks. Connect your Google Drive folder or Gmail inbox to Lido, then use custom formulas to extract the contents and parse into the exact format you need.

1. Connect your Google Drive or Gmail Inbox

Lido connects to any Google Drive folder containing your PDFs with one-click. Or, connect your Gmail inbox and automatically copy attachments to Drive.

2. Extract data from each PDF in your Google Drive folder

Lido's =IMPORTPDF() formula automatically extracts the contents of each PDF and outputs it into a spreadsheet column.

3. Use Lido's =GPT() formula to parse the extracted data into your desired format

Work with GPT directly in your spreadsheet. Simply describe what data you want to extract from your PDF and the formula will return the desired output.

4. Receive a structured spreadsheet output

Your extracted PDF data is mapped to your desired spreadsheet column structure, ready for upload into any system that takes CSVs.
Thomas L., Accounting Manager
Thanks to Lido, my CFO and I met one of our most important 2024 goals — improving operational efficiencies without hiring
We used to manually copy and paste data from Amazon expense / revenue reports into a spreadsheet 15 times a month - each time took a couple of hours; but we needed to get this done. Lido has automated this process for us.

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