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How to Hide and Unhide Rows in Google Sheets

May 9, 2024

If you read this tutorial on unhiding columns in Google Sheets, you might think the same can be applied for rows. The answer is yes! Hiding rows can come in handy if you end up with long spreadsheets where you still have to read the rows one-by-one. We'll take you through the steps to hide and unhide rows.

How to Hide Rows

Step 1: Select the row number you are hiding. If you want to select several rows then do either of the two:

If you are selecting a continuous number of rows, first hold down the SHIFT key in your keyboard and select the first and last row in the series. You could get something similar to this:

Selected rows in series

If you are selecting a number of rows that are not adjacent to each other, first hold down the CTRL key in your keyboard and select all the rows to be hidden. You could get something similar to this:

Selected rows, not in series

Step 2: Once the row is selected, right click on its row number. A drop-down box will appear. Click on the Hide row

Hide row highlighted in pop-up menu after right click on the row

The row is now hidden.

Single row now hidden.

If the rows form a continuous series, then the text Hide rows would be followed by the numbers of the rows to be hidden. 

Series of rows selected, Hide rows 8-12 highlighted on pop-up menu.

If the rows do not form a continuous series, then click the command Hide rows.

Rows not in series. Hide rows highlighted on pop-up menu.

How to Unhide Rows

It is easy to spot if there are hidden rows, as there will be interruptions in the number of rows on the left side of the spreadsheet. To unhide hidden rows, the steps are likewise simple and quick. 

Hidden rows marked by change in numbering and two arrows.

Method 1: One-click method

When you hover the cursor to the pair of arrows that mark where the hidden rows are located, a box containing two arrows will appear. Click on it.

Small box with two arrows appearing after hovering the cursor on it

Method 2: Right-click method

Sometimes you may not be able to do Method 1. Here is another way of unhiding the rows. 

Step 1: Press SHIFT or CTRL on the keyboard to select the two rows bordering the hidden rows. In the example here, rows 8 and 12 sandwich the hidden rows 9 to 11. Select rows 8 and 12.

Step 2: Right click on the selected row numbers. A drop-down box will appear. Click Unhide rows.  

Unhide rows highlighted in pop-up menu after right click on the rows bordering the hidden rows

How to Hide Rows in Google Sheets

To hide a row or multiple rows follow these steps:

  1. Click on the row you want to hide or drag your mouse along the row numbers to highlight multiple.
  2. Right click on the highlighted row(s)
  3. Choose 'Hide Row'
  4. The row(s) will automatically be hidden

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