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How to Insert Multiple Rows in Google Sheets (The Easy Way!)

May 9, 2024

In this article we will show you exactly how to insert multiple rows in Google Sheets. Just follow the simple steps below:

For the purposes of this demonstration a sample sheet was created. Click here to access the sample sheet and follow along at home.

How to Add Multiple Rows in Google Sheets (Menu Method)

Step 1: Left Click on a Row Number Where you Want to Add Rows

Left click on a row number in your data set to highlight the entire row.

A Single Selected Row Highlighted

Step 2: Hold the Shift key and click on Additional Rows

Hold shift on the keyboard for both Mac and PC and left click again to highlight additional rows. 

The amount of new lines you will create will be the same as the amount of rows you select in total and these must be sequential.

 For our example below, we have selected three.

Three Highlighted Selections in Sheets

Step 3: In the File Menu Click: Insert > Rows Above or Below

In the file menu select Insert > Rows. You will be given the option to add X rows above or below your selection. 

In our example we will insert 3 rows above.

Insert Menu and Submenu Display

Step 4: New rows will appear above the rows you selected. 

In our example, 3 new rows will appear above the rows you selected.

New Lines added

How Add Multiple Rows in Google Sheets (Sidebar Method) 

1. Left Click on a Row Number / Hold Shift and click additional Selections

As with steps one and two of the Menu Method, left click on a line number and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard for both Mac and PC and click to add additional sequential ones.

Several lines selected together and Highlighted.

2. Right Click on the Highlighted Lines and Click Insert X Rows Above / Below

Right click anywhere on the highlighted lines for the menu to appear. Once again, you will generate the same amount of new lines as you have highlighted.

In the example below, we will select the option for 3 below.

Right Click Sidebar Functions in Sheets.

3. Your new Lines Have Been Added to the Spreadsheet 

The application is now complete with the new blank cells sitting between the lines of information already present. 

New Cells added to Sheet

In this article we demonstrated the application of how to add multiple new rows to Google Sheets via the Menu and Sidebar methods. 

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