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How to Quickly Unhide Columns in Google Sheets

May 8, 2024

Sometimes you have to hide columns in Google Sheets to make it easier for you to read and analyze the data in spreadsheets. Now comes the time that you are looking for certain information that you are pretty sure is written inside the spreadsheet. But you can’t easily find it! You realize that you have hidden the column where that information is located! How can you unhide that column again?

Unhide Columns on Desktop/Laptop

Via Unhide Arrows

Step 1: Look for where the hidden column might be located:

Spreadsheet with missing column between Column A and Column C
It’s easy to find where the hidden column is by noting the break in the names of the columns: Column B should follow Column A but Column C was instead adjacent to Column A. 

Step 2: Locate the box with arrows, which represents the hidden columns.

Small box with arrows pointing toward the ends appears on the line between Column A and Column C
You would notice that a small box with arrows on both ends will appear, located at the line separating Column A and Column B.

Step 3: Simply click the box, and voila! That was faster than saying the word “quickly.”

Column B now visible again. Heading: Account Number
The hidden column is now visible again. You can now access the information that was once hidden in that column.

Via Right-Click

Clicking the box not the only simple technique for this. After finding where the hidden column is located, you may:

Step 1: Select the columns sandwiching the hidden column.

Step 2: Right click on the column names bar above the selected columns. A drop-down list will appear, and the Unhide Column will appear. 

Unhide columns option in the drop-down menu highlighted

Step 3: Click Unhide Column, and, just like that, the hidden column is visible again.

Note: These methods also work if two or more columns in succession are hidden; for example, Columns B, C, and D are hidden!

Unhide Columns on Smartphone

If you are in a hurry most of the time, you might be using Google Sheets via your smartphone. The step is much quicker via your smartphone:

Step 1: Look for where the hidden column is located. 

Column B hidden, two arrows appear, one for Column A and another for Column C

Step 2: Just click on one of the small arrows on the ends of Columns A and C.

Column B hidden, two arrows highlighted, one for Column A and another for Column C

Voila! The hidden column is visible again.

Column B visible. Heading: Account Number

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