How to Enter in Google Sheets [Easiest Way in 2023]

In this article we will show you how to enter down in Google Sheets in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Enter a New line with the Enter Key 

When we have a lot of text in a cell it is often easier to break this text up by entering a new line. We can do this using the enter key.

For the purpose of this demonstration a sample sheet was created. Click here to access this sheet and follow along at home.

1. Double click the cell containing the text

Double click the cell that contains the text you want to enter a new line on. The cell will highlight, you will also notice the mouse cursor turns into a flashing text cursor when hovering over the text.

In our example we can see a long string of text in the cell B3, we will double click this cell.

How to enter in Google Sheets: Double click cell

2. Click the part of the text where you want to enter the new line

Click the area of text where you want to enter down. You will see the flashing text cursor appear where you clicked.

We want to add the new line to this text between the words a and Google in our text. We click the area between the two words.

How to press enter in Google Sheets: Select area of text

3. Press and hold the Ctrl key (Cmd ⌘ key on Mac) + Enter to insert a new line

While pressing and holding the Ctrl key (Cmd ⌘ key on Mac) press the Enter key. You will see a new line is entered into the text at the chosen area and the rest of the text is shifted below.

In the example the line has been entered after “…value in a” and the rest of the text now starts below in a new line.

How to enter new line in Google Sheets: Add new line

4. Click outside of the cell or press Enter to see the results

With the new line added click outside of the cell or press the Enter key. The results will be displayed with the new line added.

In our example we can see the line has been added.

How to enter within a cell in Google Sheets: Results‍

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