How to Line Break Formulas in Google Sheets [2023 Update]

In this article we will show you how to add a line break to any formula in google sheets. Simply follow the steps below:

For this demonstration a sample sheet was created, access and follow along by clicking this link.

Add a Line Break to a Formula in Google Sheets

1. Double click on the cell you want to enter the formula.

Double click on a cell that contains a formula you want to add a line break to.

google sheets line break in formula

2. Click where you want the line break to go in the formula 

Click where you want to implement the line break in the formula.

line break formula google sheets

3. Click Ctrl + Enter (for Windows) or Cmd ⌘ + Return (for Mac) to Create a Line Break 

With the text cursor in position, hold and click Ctrl + enter (for Windows) or cmd ⌘ + return (for Mac) to create the line break in the formula.

google sheets formula line break

4. Press Enter to see results 

The line break can now be seen in the formula bar separating the two different parts of the formula.

line break formula google sheets

Add a Line Break to a Formula in Google Sheets with the CHAR Function. 

The CHAR function allows you to use Unicode characters. In this example we will insert a line break into our formula using the Unicode character 10 which signifies a line break.

1. Click on a cell you want to add a formula line break to and click the Formula Bar to edit

Click on the cell you want to change then edit the text in the formula bar. 

google sheets add line break in formula

 2.Enter the formula ="Value"&CHAR(10)&"Value”... 

In the formula bar, enter the CHAR line break formula in the format below:


Formula breakdown:

=: Activates the formula.

“: An open quotation must follow the = symbol to activate the formula 

Value: This is the text or numerical contents of your cell that will be separated by the line breaks. These individual segments must begin and end with quotation marks, failure to add these will result in an error message in the cell.

“: Closed quotation symbols to surround the value.

&CHAR(10)&: This is the CHAR function and the number 10 in brackets is the line break designation, this must be started and ended with the & symbol.

Repeat this format for all values that you need to add the line break to. For our example, the completed formula is shown below:

="The Brick"&CHAR(10)&"House, White"&CHAR(10)&"Drive.,"&CHAR(10)&"UK"

line break google sheets formula

3. Press Enter to see the result

The formula has been added and the line breaks are now present in the cell. Again, the height of all cells in the entire row will have been increased because of these changes. 

google sheets line break in formula‍

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