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Send an Email When a Google Sheet is Updated (2024 Update)

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In this article we will show how to send an email when a google sheet is updated in just a few simple steps using the notifications feature. Simply follow the steps below:

Send Email When Google Sheet Updated

1. Click Tools, Choose Notification settings, then select Edit notifications

To see notification settings, click Tools then choose Notification settings. You will get two options: edit notifications and comment notifications.

Select Edit notifications. The other option is for getting notifications when comments are made in your spreadsheet.

google sheets email notification when sheet updated

2. Set Notification Rules

A box containing the notification rules will appear. You can set the notifications to be sent to your email; if there are other users with editing rights to the spreadsheet, they have to set them on their own. 

There are two options to set. For the Notify me at email when, the two options are the following:

  • Any changes are made - best for tracking the editing of the spreadsheet in progress.

  • A user submits a form - best for tracking whenever a spreadsheet row is added by a Google Form. 

Two options are also available under Notify me with:

  • Email - daily digest: sends a single email daily summarizing all the edits in the spreadsheet. Best to keep your inbox sorted.

  • Email - right away: send an email for every edit done in the spreadsheet. Best when you need to be quickly updated of any significant change to the spreadsheet.

Set notification rules for email google sheets

For this example we will choose to be notified whenever changes are made to the spreadsheet in a daily email. 

Notification rules set; email will be sent whenever a change is made

3. Click Save

Once the notification options are set, click Save. The notification rule will be listed. Click Done to close the box. 

List of notification rules google sheets

You are now done!

Whenever an edit is made to the spreadsheet, you will be notified via email:

Sample email received

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