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How to Send Mass Email from Google Sheets (Easiest Way 2024)

May 14, 2024

Click here to Send Mass Email From a Lido Spreadsheet

In this article we will show how to send mass email from google sheets in just a few simple steps using Lido

Send Bulk Email From a Lido Spreadsheet (Easiest Way)

1. Inputting Recipient Details into Google Sheets

Start by populating Sheet 1 with details like the recipient's name, email, and any other relevant data. Keep each piece of data in its own column.

how to send mass email from google sheets

2. Set Up a Lido Account

Lido, an advanced spreadsheet software designed for automation, works seamlessly with Google Sheets. It lets you automate without delving into Google Apps Script or other coding methods. Sign up for free at Lido's Signup Page.

3. Link your Google Sheet with Lido

  • Click the ‘Connect Data’ button located at the top left.
  • Opt for Google Sheets.
  • Paste your Google Sheets link and proceed to connect.
  • Authenticate your Google account when prompted.
  • Select the columns from your Sheet you want to sync with Lido. Lido will ensure your records are continuously updated.
  • Choose 'Add Data', and your spreadsheet data will now be reflected in Lido.
how to send a mass email from google sheets
mass email google sheets
mass email from google sheets
how do i send a mass email from google sheets

4. Draft Your Email Template in a Fresh Worksheet

In a new worksheet, draft your email subject and body. Use this format [@Column] to reference your columns.

For instance:

Subject: Thank you, [@Name]
Body: Hello [@Name], we've received your inquiry regarding [@Service].

how to send bulk email from google sheets

5. Create Columns for Email Subject & Body Using Templates

Lido offers a formula, =STRINGTEMPLATE(), which substitutes column references (e.g., [@Name]) with the row values from a table.
For creating dynamic subjects and bodies:

  • Use this for the subject: =STRINGTEMPLATE(Sheet1!$B$1)
  • And this for the body: =STRINGTEMPLATE(Sheet1!$B$2)

This will dynamically populate the subject and body columns with your content.

6. Implement the =SENDGMAIL() Formula

To send an email via Lido, the formula is =SENDGMAIL(sender, recipient, subject, body).

SENDGMAIL("", B2, D2, E2)

Input this formula next to your body column to generate another Computed Column.

7. Conduct an Email Test

For a test run, right-click on a SENDGMAIL formula cell and opt for 'Run action'. The first time, you’ll need to sign in to your Gmail.

8. Dispatch All Emails

Click the 3-dot menu in your SENDGMAIL column and choose 'Run column now' for dispatching all emails simultaneously.

You have now mass emailed all of the names and emails in your google sheet!

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to send mass emails from google sheets!

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