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How to Share Google Forms Results: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will show you how to share Google Forms results and attachments via a link or an email. Simply follow the steps below.

Share Google Forms Results

How to Share Results From Google Forms

Here’s how to share your Google Forms results either via a link or an email. 

1. Access the 'Responses' Tab

Navigate to your open Google Form and click on the "Responses" tab. This tab will allow you to see all the responses collected from your form.

how to share google forms results

2. Create a Spreadsheet for Results

To organize and share the results, click on the green Sheets icon. This action will create a new Google Sheets document that will automatically populate with the form results.

google forms share results

3. Start the Sharing Process for the Spreadsheet

Within your newly created Google Sheets document, find and click on the "Share" button located in the top right corner to initiate the sharing process.

share google forms results

4. Select Recipients or Generate a Shareable Link

A dialog box will appear. You can either manually enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the results with or select "Copy link" to create a shareable link that can be sent to multiple people at once.

share google forms results how to

5. Adjust General Access Settings and Define Permissions

Before defining specific permissions, ensure you select "Anyone with the link" from the general access dropdown. Next, determine whether recipients can "View", "Comment", or "Edit" the results spreadsheet to define their level of interaction with the data.

how google forms results share

6. Send Invitations or Share the Link

After setting permissions, click "Send" to dispatch email invitations directly or select "Copy Link" to copy the link and share it through messaging apps, social media, or other platforms.

share results google forms

7. Confirm the Successful Sharing of Results

Verify that the recipients have successfully received and accessed the form results, and can interact with the data as you've permitted.

How to Share Attachments from Google Forms

Aside from responses, your form might have files attached that you want to be shared. Follow the process below to share your Google Forms attachments. 

1. Go to the 'Responses' Tab

Open your Google Form and click on the "Responses" tab to view the list of responses and attachments.

google form results share

2. Locate and Open the Attachment Folder in Google Drive

Search for the question with attachments within the responses. You will notice a Google Drive icon labeled 'View folder' in the top right corner of that specific question. Click it to open and view the attachments in Google Drive.

how to share google form results

3. Begin Sharing Files or Folders

Single File: To share a specific file, right-click on it and select "Share" from the dropdown menu.

how to share google form result

Entire Folder: If you wish to share all attachments at once, right-click on the folder containing them and select "Share".

to share google form result

4. Choose the Method of Sharing

A dialog box will appear, giving you the option to either enter the email addresses of the recipients or select "Copy link" to generate a link that can be shared with anyone.

google form share result

5. Modify General Access Settings and Set File Access Permissions

Before diving into specific permissions, choose "Anyone with the link" from the general access dropdown menu.

how to share results of google form

Next, decide whether recipients should have "Viewer", "Commenter", or "Editor" permissions.

to share results of google form

6. Distribute Attachments

After adjusting the settings, click "Send" to send email invitations directly or select the link icon to copy the link for sharing through various platforms.

how google form share results

7. Ensure Successful Sharing of Attachments

Check that the recipients can access and engage with the attachments based on the permissions you've set.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to share Google Forms results. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to create a waiver in Google Forms or our article on how to make a time off request form in Google Forms. If you want to know how to send copies of responses to email in Google Forms, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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