How TerraNova Labs automates customer outreach

"Lido has been helpful from the very beginning, automating tasks that used to take us hours into just minutes."
Nate Walker

The challenge

Challenges in email outreach and customer engagement

TerraNova Labs is building Alex — the first co-pilot for Amazon creators and brands. As an early stage startup, the team struggled with scaling their outreach efforts efficiently.

Before integrating Lido into their operations, TerraNova Labs faced significant challenges in conducting efficient customer outreach and market research. Manually managing email campaigns was highly time-consuming and often hindered their ability to quickly validate business ideas and explore market opportunities. We attempted to use various email automation tools, but none provided the ease of use or integration we needed, especially given our reliance on Google Sheets for storing all our key data.

"Before we found Lido, we were spending a lot of time manually sending out emails."

The solution

Streamlining operations with Lido's email automation

After adopting Lido, TerraNova Labs experienced a significant transformation in our workflow efficiency. Lido seamlessly integrated with their existing Google Sheets, enabling them to automate daily batches of emails with planned content such as body, signature, and links. Critically, and unlike any other available tools, Lido allowed the team to dynamically choose a sender email to add an extra layer of personalization, enhancing the effectiveness of their outreach.

This automation allowed TerraNova to rapidly increase their pace of user acquisition and idea validation, shifting focus from mundane tasks to more strategic activities such as engaging quality leads and enhancing their product based on customer feedback.

"Lido would automate what would take hours for us to do into minutes."

The results

Rapid growth and faster product development

With Lido's automation handling repetitive tasks, the TerraNova team could focus more on strategic areas like product development and refining customer feedback. This shift allowed TerraNova Labs to not only expand their user base significantly but also to enhance their product, Alex, making it more aligned with the needs of Amazon creators and brands. The time saved on email outreach translated directly into more resources for innovation and customer engagement

"We now can focus more time finding and engaging with quality leads as opposed to spending too much time just sending outreach and managing email lists. We also have more time to focus on actual product development, iterating on customer feedback and less time on tedious outreach tasks."

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