How Broadcom accelerated millions of Q4 pipeline

"I'm excited to watch our sales program launch, which at its hearts was made possible by Lido."
Craig Nelson
Global Sales Executive, Broadcom

The challenge

Broadcom needed to streamline data processing to launch a new program

Broadcom, a global semiconductor and infrastructure software company, faced a critical challenge in launching new program with one of their largest OEMs.

Craig needed a system to collect registrations and forward them on to IBM in their preferred format. While registration data was already managed in a Google Sheet, IBM's requirement for inputs on a per-registration basis posed a significant obstacle.

Post-submission calculations for factors like rebates took place in a spreadsheet and were necessary before forwarding the information to IBM. The lack of an automated notification system that worked for both sides blocked their program from going live.

"If only there were a way to take what I'm already collecting, and find a way to generate what I need to them and get them the data they need immediately and also share it with my team."

The solution

Lido allowed Broadcom to automate emails based on spreadsheet data

Lido provided the missing link. Craig connected his existing Google Sheet directly to Lido, re-arranged the data into the exact format that IBM required (including some custom calculations), then completed his workflow with our =SENDGMAIL() formula. Lido automations check for updates in the background and trigger emails whenever new rows are added to his Google Sheet.

Now, whenever a new registration is submitted, both IBM and Craig's internal team at Broadcom receive all of the details in the exact format they need in their inboxes in under five minutes.

And, because Craig built everything himself in a spreadsheet he's familiar with, he's confident in his ability to maintain and edit things as needed.

"It was great to actually action all of the data from my Google Sheet to shoot out emails based on what I needed"

The results

Broadcom launched a new partner program with IBM in days instead of months

Craig built his own custom workflow in one night. The next day, he demoed it to the team at IBM and got sign off to go-live. Within one week they had launched their partner program.

"Lido let us pull forward a multi-million dollar program by a few weeks and hit the critical Q4 period. Otherwise, we likely would have been pushed into next year."

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