How Olipop Streamlined Production Tracking

"Lido revolutionizes how we track production, turning a reactive task into a seamless part of our workflow."
Jake Houston
Supply Chain Analyst

The challenge

Addressing inefficiencies in production monitoring

As one of the fastest growing beverage brands in the world, Olipop faced unique challenges in keeping pace with production demands.

Before implementing Lido monitoring our co-manufacturers’ soda production was a manual and reactive process. Olipop's supply chain team had to regularly check the spreadsheet updates to ensure that new productions were recorded accurately. This task was not time-intensive by itself, but the timing was critical. Failure to update our systems in a timely manner could lead to discrepancies, affecting our ability to send accurate sales orders and potentially disrupting our supply chain.

"If I didn't check the production spreadsheet in a timely manner, variances between our systems could occur, which would complicate our sales order processes."

The solution

Real-time production tracking with Lido

Lido has significantly improved Olipop's ability to monitor soda production by automating email notifications from their co-manufacturers. This solution integrates directly with existing spreadsheets, enabling real-time updates without the need for constant manual checks. This automation not only minimizes the risk of data variances but also ensures that Olipop's inventory records are always up-to-date, facilitating smoother operations and more accurate sales order processing.

"With Lido, I get real-time email alerts whenever our co-manufacturers update production, eliminating the need for constant manual checks and ensuring our data is always accurate and timely."

The results

Optimizing operations and reducing system variances

With Lido, Olipop has transformed their operational efficiency. The automation of production tracking allows Olipop's supply chain team to focus less on the mundane task of constant monitoring and more on strategic tasks. This has led to a decrease in system variances and a more streamlined process for sales order deployment. Overall, Lido's impact has been profound, ensuring more accurate inventory management and enabling their team to respond more dynamically to production changes.

"The automation provided by Lido has drastically reduced the need for manual updates, allowing me to focus on optimizing our overall supply chain efficiency rather than just keeping track of production numbers."

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