How Westsphere Prevented Critical Subscription Expirations

"Since using Lido, we've not missed a single critical, internal team communication and I've saved over 20 hours each week."
Maki Y.
IT Admin

The challenge

Westsphere systems needed to automate internal team reminders about expiring software subscriptions - vital for smooth operations

Westsphere systems, a FinTech company providing electronic payment and cash dispensing for cash withdrawals, kept losing their subscription to internal tools b/c the team was not aware of upcoming expiration dates. This led to the company recently losing access to a key tool for their operations.

Maki, an IT Admin, needed a way to automate subscription renewal reminder emails from his Google Sheet to the necessary internal team members 14 days and 7 days before a subscription expiration date.

Other email automation tools either 1) did not allow him to easily send emails based on dates 2) did not allow him to edit email automations already implemented or 3) did not allow him to easily view the list of expiring subscriptions in a spreadsheet view.

The Westsphere team was looking for a solution that was easy to set up and that automated emails even when the software was closed (i.e, a ‘set it and forget it tool’) - as to completely eliminate the manual labor of sending emails and to ensure no reminder is missed.

"As the IT admin, I manage all critical communications for our company. I needed an email automation tool for recurring events like payment reminders, contracts, etc. - but, most importantly, about expiring subscriptions of our internal software. We used Azure before, but it’s very difficult to use, very difficult to set up new automations, very difficult to edit automations…we officially decided to look for a new tool b/c we ran into an event where the team was not aware of an expiring software subscription and we lost access to a tool key for our operations. Let’s just say, this was a big problem.”

The solution

Using Lido, Maki was able to set up a ‘set it and forget it’ email automation tool to automate critical reminders to his team based on subscription expiration dates…in a matter of minutes.”

With Lido, Maki was able to connect to his live Google Sheet list of current software subscriptions along with their expiration dates and set up an automation to remind team members about expiring software 14 days and 7 days before the expiration dates - all with “simple spreadsheet formulas” and a “user friendly” automation interface.

“I love Lido. I love it. Automations are so easy to set up and edit. It’s a spreadsheet, so it gives me a lot of confidence on how I am setting up my automations - because all I need to use are simple spreadsheet formulas. The best part is that the automations run even when the file is closed - so once you set up the tool you’re done…truly a set it and forget it platform that has saved me so much time and manual labor. At least 20 hours per week. The tutorials are extremely helpful as well.”

The results

Since using Lido, Westsphere has not missed a single critical, internal team communication and Maki has saved 20+ hours per week of manual checks / emailing

Maki used to spend 20+ hours per week trying to customize Azure to fix the automations the previous IT Admin had set up (to no avail), manually setting up calendar invites for when critical events were happening (e.g., a software subscription expiring), and manually sending the necessary emails. With Lido, Maki has saved those 20+ hours and has been able to focus on his most key responsibilities - making him more efficient and giving him the praise of his directors and team.

“We’ve used multiple email automation tools including trying to code our own tool using Apps Script in Google Sheets and Azure. None of these options were as good as Lido - easy to set up, easy to customize, and since I’m working in a spreadsheet I have confidence in how my automations actually work. I’ve saved at least 20 hours of manual labor per week thanks to Lido, have been able to spend time working on other priorities, and have been given many compliments for implementing Lido in our tech stack. You’re making me look too good! So, thank you!”

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