How Giftly gets more leads

"With the first set of outbound emails sent through Lido, I already got more replies than any other tool I've used."
Zach Eisenstat
Sales and Business Development

The challenge

Giftly needed to automate outbound emails, keep deliverability scores high, and increase prospect reply rates

Giftly, a software startup revolutionizing the way people give and receive gifts, faced a critical challenge in automating large amounts of lead outbound emails while also keeping strong personalization, their deliverability scores high, and their reply rates high.

Zach needed a way to automate large amounts of outbound emails from his Google Sheet prospects list - according to lead status. He also was looking for a system that would instantaneously create personalized emails for each lead and that would send the emails from his own email in an effort to increase reply rates and leverage his already strong deliverability scores.

Other automation tools either 1) did not allow him to easily create personalized emails 2) forced him to include an unsubscribe link - destroying any personalization efforts 3) would not leverage his own email's strong deliverability scores - causing emails to land in spam.

The Giftly team was looking for a solution to bring more leads towards the 'bottom of the funnel' and covert them into users via one of the most common, most time efficient, yet most tricky customer acquisition channels: outbound emails.

"I need a way to automate lots of emails to qualified leads from my spreadsheet while making sure the emails are personalized and come directly from my own email as to leverage my high deliverability and reputable domain scores.

The solution

“Using Lido, Zach was able to save himself hours of manual emailing, personalize messages automatically, and increase outbound reply rates using Lido’s email automation tool (which allows users to send messages from their own emails).”

WIth Lido, Zach was able to connect to his Google Sheet lead list in real time, create personalized emails for each lead in a matter of seconds, and set up a full drip campaign tool to also send follow-up emails to leads who have not responded. 

All while making sure emails were sent from his own sender email which already had high deliverability scores - ensuring that messages were landing in recipient inboxes and not spam…a terrible fate many companies face when using traditional outbound sequencing tools.

“The tool we always desired was so easy to set up in Lido. I pulled in my live Google Sheets lead list and set up my email template with column references - so cool to see the personalized emails populate as a result for each lead / row automatically. Then with some some simple IF() formulas, I was able to create a full drip campaign tool...all while using my actual email as the sender email - and not being forced to include an unsubscribe link like in traditional outbound tools - that’s huge for personalization.”

The results

Since the first use of Lido, Giftly has increased their reply rates by 80%

With the automated, personalization-focused and deliverability score-focused outbound tool Zach built on Lido, he was able to increase his lead reply rates by 80%. 

As a result, their user pipeline has grown significantly as well - a key metric for any software company and especially startups!

“We’ve used multiple outbound tools, CRM tools with automation features…you name it we’ve tried it. From our first try with Lido we are already seeing way better results in terms of reply rates and bottom of funnel pipeline generation - and this means more users for us…which is obviously important!”

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