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CPC Calculator

Use Lidos free CPC calculator to quickly calculate the Cost Per Click for your advertising campaign. Our CPC calculator uses the formula below:

CPC (Cost Per Click) = Total Ad Spend / Total Ad Clicks

In an example scenario we have the following metrics:

Total Ad Spend: $10,000

Total Clicks : $1,000

$10,000 / $1,000 = $10 CPC

Is this a good CPC? This is extremely relative and depends on what industry you are in. In industries with high profit margins and competition CPCs will generally be higher. In the finance niche for example it's not uncommon to see $100+ CPCs. In smaller niches with low competition and profit margins it's not uncommon to see CPCs for as low as a few cents. A good CPC is relative to your other campaigns. You should constantly be testing different ad copies and creatives to see which combination will increase your click through rate and just lower your cost per click by giving you more total clicks.

To get even more insights into your marketing campaigns, consider checking out our facebook ad cost calculator to get granular insights on your facebook ads. Similarly, try our google adwords cost per click calculator if you want to get more insights into your googlge adwords campaign.

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