Email Open Rate Calculator

With Lido's FREE email open rate calculator you can find out the open rate for your email marketing campaign in seconds. Simply enter the required metrics in the calculator above. Our open rate calculator uses the formula:

( Emails Opened / Emails Delivered ) * 100 = Email Open Rate

In example scenario or email marketing campaign has the metrics:

Emails Opened: 100

Emails Delivered: 1000

( 100 / 1000 ) * 100 = 10% Open Rate

So what is a good open rate?

Open rates vary depending on industry. In 2021 the average email open rate across all industries was approximately 16.97%. Your industry average may be higher or lower than that. We recommend using our email open rate calculator to create a open rate benchmark and then constantly try and improve your email open rate by testing different subjects to see what works best in your industry.

What is Email Open Rate?

Email open rate is the percentage number of people who click on the emails you deliver. The higher your open rate, the less emails you will need to send to achieve your income benchmarks.

What should other KPIs should I optimize?

One of the key metric you need to track at the beginning of any marketing campaign is your conversion rate (CR). Luckily Lido has a free conversion rate calculator for marketing that can give you a benchmark to optimize from.

If you prefer to use paid traffic, users who read this article also visit our youtube ad cost calculator to get key insights into their YouTube ad campaigns.

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