YouTube Ad Cost Calculator

Use our FREE YouTube Ad Cost Calculator to get key marketing metrics for your youtube ads campaign. Our YouTube Ads Cost Calculator uses the following formulas:

Total Clicks From Ads = Monthly YouTube Ad spend * Cost Per Click

Total Ad Conversions = Total Clicks From Ads * Conversion Rate

Cost Per Conversion = Total Ad Spend / Total Conversions

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario for an ads campaign using our YouTube Ad Cost Calculator. In this example we have the metrics:

YouTube Ad Spend Per Month: $1,000

Average Cost Per Click: 0.5

Conversion Rate: 5%

Total Clicks From Ads: $1,000 * 0.5 = 2000

Total Ad Conversions: 2000 * 5% = 100

Cost Per Conversion: $1,000 / 100 = 10

By using the metrics above you can take a data driven approach to your YouTube ads campaign. You should be constantly doing A / B split testing to try and improve CPC, CTR, Conversion Rate and ultimately lower your cost per lead. The biggest macro change you can make is using copywriting to create more engaging ad copy and adjusting your landing page and targeting options.

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Other Channels to explore:

Now that you have clear metrics for your YouTube Ads campaign it's time to consider using other marketing channels to get customers. If email marketing is yoru thing, lido has a free email open rate calculator to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns. If you are more traditional, then why not try our radio ad cost calculator and see how much it will cost to acquire customers using radio ads.

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