Marketing Conversion Rate Calculator

Use this free marketing conversion rate calculator to calculate the conversion rate for your marketing campaign with just a few clicks. The calculator works by taking the total number of sales divided by total number of clicks *100 or

(Total Conversions / Total Clicks) * 100 = CR

Lets pretend you are running a marketing campaign and you have the following metrics:

Conversions (sales): 10

Total Clicks: 100

10 / 100 = 0.1 * 100 = 10%

Your next question is going to be, "well what is a 'good' conversions rate?". What is considered good changes dramatically depending on industry and niche. The average global conversion rate in the ecommerce industry is approximately 2.86%.

Now that you have a conversion rate to optimise your marketing around, it's time to consider what your our cpl calculator (cost per lead ) to see how much it's currently costing your to acquire a customer. Once you have a clear idea on this metric you should consider email marketing to begin getting clients or customers. Lidos free email open rate calculator can give you key insights into the types of emails your customers are engaging with the most.

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