Google Ads Cost Calculator

Use our free Google ad cost calculator to quickly discover key metrics about your ads campaign. To use the google adwords cost per click calculator simply enter total advertising cost and the number of clicks in the relevant boxes and click calculate. The calculator uses the following formula:

Cost Per Click (CPC) = Total Advertising Spend / Number of Clicks

Lets use the following metrics to illustrate:

Total Advertising Spend: $1,000

Number of Clicks: 250

$1000 / 250 = $4 CPC

What is a good CPC?

Google adwords uses a supply and demand model to calculate cost per click. The CPC varies widely depending on competition and profit margins within the industry . In legal for example where lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour, it's not uncommon to see $100+ CPCs, for something with low commercial value or a relatively unknown product you could pay just a few cents. You should be constantly refining your ad copy and A/B split testing it to increase click through rate and thus lower CPC. You can use our cost per click calculator to get a better understanding of this metric. If you are a SAAS company, you may also find our churn rate calculator useful if you are looking for to keep track of important KPIs.

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