Churn Rate Calculator

Use Lido's free churn rate calculator to quickly discover the churn rate for you SAAS company with just the click of a button. Simply enter your metrics in the boxes below to calculate.

Our Churn Calculator uses the following formula:

(Number of customers who left / Total number of remaining customers) * 100 = Churn Rate

In an example scenario we have the following metrics:

Customer who left: 200

Total Customers: 1,000

(200/1,000)*100 = 20%

Use your result as a major KPI for your business. By improving things like product quality, offering more competitive pricing, and putting more attention on customer relationship managment you can improve this metric.

If you are running an advertsing campaign with google adwords then try using our google ad cost calculator for more insights. You should also use our cpa calculator (cost per acquisition) calculator in combination with this churn calculator so you also know how much it costs to acquire a customer.

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