CPA Calculator (Cost Per Acquisition)

Use our free CPA calculator to quickly find out what your cost per acquisition is. This is how much it cost you to acquire each customer on average. The CPA calculator uses the following formula:

(Total Sales Cost + Total Marketing Cost) / Number of Conversions

Let's pretend we have the following costs:

Total Sales Cost: $250

Total Marketing Cost: $750

Number of Conversions: 10

($250+$750)/10 = $100

A more simple CPA formula that you will commonly see in online marketing is simply:

Total AD Cost / Number of Conversions

We include the sales cost in our cost per acquisition calculator to give you a more accurate CPA.

Another useful metric now that you know your cpa is your churn rate or the % number of customers you lose over a time period. Check out our churn calculator to understand this KPI better.

One of the most popular calculators on our site currently is our TikTok royalties calculator so check that out if TikTok is one of your marketing channels.

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