TikTok Royalties Calculator

Lidos FREE TikTok Royalties Calculator makes it easy to see how much you are earning in royalties from your TikTok account. Our TikTok Royalty Calculator uses the formula:

Total Royalty Earnings /  Total Plays = Earnings Per Play

In an example scenario your TikTok account has the metrics:

Total Royalty Earnings: $300
Total Plays: 10,000

$100 / 10,000 = 0.03 Per Play

The total amount you can make per play varies a lot but in 2023 the approximate amount you can earn per play is 3 cents.

For the first year musicians get 100% of royalties generated. In the second year it switches to a 90 - 10 split where TikTok take 10%

Use the calculator above to work out how many plays you will need to get an income from Tiktok.

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