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Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator

Use this free Facebook engagement rate calculator to quickly understand your Facebook engagement rate so that you can produce more of the content that is working for you. Facebook page. Lidos Facebook page engagement rate calculator is designed to help you use a data driven approach in your marketing. Just go to your facebook dashboard and enter the required metrics in the calculator to make more informed decisions.

Now that your are creating more engaging facebook content thanks to our engagement rate calculator, it's time to focus on getting the most from your customers. Lido has you covered with our lifetime value calculator so you can begin increase the value of each customer you acquire. Using our cost per lead calculator to see how much it's costing you to acquire a customer will also help you get the most from your marketing efforts.

Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator Results

Again, as you begin (consistently) monitoring the engagement rate, you’ll be able to find insights specific to your strategy. Of course, it’s also important to understand your engagement rate] in relation to your broader industry. To help you know what to expect, we’ve included a list of average engagement (Facebook) per industry:

  • Alcohol - 0.12%
  • Fashion - 0.03%
  • Financial Services - 0.11%
  • Food and Beverage - 0.10%
  • Higher Ed - 0.15%
  • Home Décor - 0.06%
  • Hotels and Resorts - 0.13%
  • Influencers - 0.15%
  • Media - 0.05%
  • Nonprofits - 0.12%
  • Retail - 0.08%
  • Sports Teams - 0.18%
  • Tech and Software - 0.02%

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