Facebook Ad Cost Calculator

Use our free facebook ad cost calculator to get insights on the performance of your marketing campaign and make more informed decisions. All you need to do is enter the total ad spend and number of clicks in the calculator. The formula for our facebook ad budget calculator is as follows:

Total Ad Spend / Total Ad Clicks CPC = Cost Per Click

In an example scenario our campaign has these metrics:

Total Ad Spend: $20,000
Total Ad Clicks CPC: 1500

$20,000 / 1500 = 13.33

Combine this with our return on ad spend calculator and CPC Calculator to get more insights on your campaign. In any marketing campaign you should constantly be trying to lower your cost per click to optimize your return on ad spend. You can use a facebook ads calculator to constantly monitor your campaign and ensure your are managing the cost of your campaign effectively. The best metrics are relative to your previous campaign so don't stop testing. Constantly write new ad copy and try new angles.

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