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Connect Zendesk to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024!)

In this article we will show how to connect Zendesk to Google Sheets using the Zendesk data connector and with Lido. Simply follow the steps below.

Connect Zendesk To Google Sheets Using the Data Connector

1. Install Zendesk Connector add-on

In Google Sheets, click Extensions in the File Menu. A drop-down list will appear. Select Add-ons. Another drop-down list will appear. Select Get add-ons.

zendesk google sheets integration, click extensions, select add-ons, choose get add-ons

A box labeled Google Workspace Marketplace will appear.

zendesk google sheets integration, google workspace marketplace‍

The add-on you need is called Zendesk Connector. You can find it by searching for Zendesk Connector using the search bar in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

zendesk google sheets integration, google workspace marketplace, zendesk searched

Click Zendesk Connector from the results. You will be brought to a description page for the app. Click Install

zendesk google sheets integration, google workspace marketplace, zendesk connector

When you click Install, a small box will appear telling you that Zendesk Connector needs your permission in order to start installing. Click CONTINUE. 

zendesk google sheets integration, zendesk connector needs your permission to start installing

A new tab or window will be loaded, asking you to choose the Google account where you want to install the add-on. Click the account where you want it to be used. 

google sheets zendesk integration, choose account to use the add-on‍

The list of permissions will be loaded next. Click Allow if you are ok with the listed permissions.

google sheets zendesk integration, permissions needed by zendesk connector listed

The tab or window will close after this, and a small box with the message Zendesk Connector has been installed! Will appear. Click Done.

google sheets zendesk integration, zendesk connector has been installed message

2. Load Zendesk Connector add-on

To load the add-on, click Extensions, then select Zendesk Connector. A short drop-down list will appear; click Open.

zendesk to google sheets, click extensions, choose zendesk connector, select open

The Data Connector for Zendesk sidebar will appear.

zendesk to google sheets, add-on sidebar loaded

3. Authorize the Add-on to Access Your Zendesk Subdomain

The sidebar shows a single action you can do, and it is to enter your Zendesk subdomain. Just enter it, then click Authorize.

zendesk to google sheets free, add zendesk subdomain‍

After clicking Authorize, a small box will appear, showing a link labeled Click here to open authorization window. Click it.

zendesk to google sheets free, click to open authorization window

A new tab or window will load, asking you whether you want to allow the add-on to access your Zendesk account. Click Allow.

zendesk to google sheets free, zendesk prompt to allow zendesk connector to access your zendesk data

A message will appear telling you that the process has been successful. Close the tab or window.

zendesk to google sheets free, data connection successful‍

4. Load the Data from Zendesk

We can now finally load data from Zendesk. You get several options:

Search - search for data to load from Zendesk to Google Sheets

Load - load previously saved search

Tickets - List the tickets (Zendesk is designed for handling customer service tickets)

Metrics - List metrics data

Refresh - Refreshes loaded query

google sheets zendesk, data connector for zendesk sidebar

As a start, we click Search. We will then be asked to select the search type and the fields to load. For the Select search type, we select Tickets. For Select fields

If you are looking for specific tickets, you can add the keywords on Search by search terms. You can add filters as well and additional options, but for now we will keep them in their defaults. 

google sheets zendesk, search data, search type ticket, fields selected

Once you are done, click Load Data from Search.

After some time, the tickets will now be listed!

google sheets zendesk, data loaded to google sheets

Feel free to explore the functionality of the Zendesk Connector in Google Sheets to get the best results you want!

Connect Zendesk To  Lido 

At lido we make it even easier to import data from any platform in just a few clicks. In the steps below we will show you why Lido is the fastest way to import zendesk to a spreadsheet.

1. Click Connect Data, then Select Zendesk

The Connect Data button is located in the upper-left corner of the spreadsheet, just under the Lido logo. 

Zendesk to lido, connect data option highlighted‍

A box labeled Add Data will apear, listing the sources of data that you can import to Lido. Select Zendesk.

Zendesk to lido, list of platforms you can integrate shown‍

2. Authorize Lido to Access Your Zendesk Data

You will be asked to name your connection (this is to help you identify the connection you make if you do it multiple times with Zendesk) and the Zendesk subdomain you use. Supply both, then click Connect with Zendesk.

Connect lido to zendesk, connection name and zendesk subdomain needed

A new tab or window will be loaded. You will be asked: Allow Lido Integration for Zendesk to access your Zendesk account? Click Allow.

Integrate zendesk to lido, zendesk prompt to allow lido to access your zendesk data

The tab will be closed, and you will get the Successfully connected to Zendesk message within the Add Data box. Click Next.

Integrate zendesk to lido, connection successful‍

3. Select Data to Import

Lido will read your Zendesk databases for the data available. You can select the database table to load by clicking the drop-down list on the upper-left of the box.

Afterwards, you can also select the columns to include by ticking the checkboxes besides the column labels. 

Integrate zendesk to lido, data loaded for selection on which to add to the sheet

Once you are done, click Add Data.

The data is now loaded to your Lido spreadsheet! You can now analyze the data to get meaningful business insights.

Integrate zendesk to lido, data loaded to lido spreadsheet‍

Try Lido for Free!

Lido allows you to import data from anywhere and make custom dashboards from spreadsheet data in just a few clicks. Click the link below to try Lido for free and discover why companies everywhere are switching from Google Sheets to Lido.

Click here if you are ready to try Lido.

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to connect Zendesk to Google Sheets. You might also like our articles on how to connect Facebook ads reporting to Google Sheets and how to convert Excel to Google Sheets.

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