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Mail Merge Labels From Google Sheets (the Easy Way)

May 8, 2024

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Mail Merge is an essential technique for producing labels in bulk for shipping, inventory labelling and many other activities.

Google Sheets does not include a proprietary mail merge capability for label printing, but several Add-On systems are available. These are free and easy to install and use.

Follow this tutorial to discover how to use mail merge for label-making in Google Sheets

Download and install your choice of Add-on software

In this example we will use Avery Label Merge.  

  1. Click on “Extensions”, “Add-ons” then “Get add-ons”

  1. Type in the name of the Add-on you need into the search window and hit Enter.

Find and click on “Avery Label Merge” or other choice.

  1. Click on the install button to download the Add-on.

Avery Label Merge “FREE” version will be ready to download.



You need to grant permission for Avery to install the software, so click “Continue”.

  1. Select the appropriate Google Account.

Click on the user account and then click “Allow” to grant the required permissions.


Google will confirm that the Add-on has been installed.

Note that the process to download other software options is essentially the same.

How to make labels with Mail Merge Google Sheets

Confirm the installation by clicking “Extensions” - Avery Label Merge will appear in the drop-down

1. Compile the information required in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Shipping labels typically use: Name, Address, City, State ZIP code 

Inventory labels might use: Category, Product Code, Description, Unit size, GHS Hazard Class

Patient ID labels for Hospitals and Clinics: Name, ID number, Medical Insurer, Blood type, Drug Allergy

2. Place column headings in any order from left to right. 

Headings will be positioned later using the add-on software for label design 

Google places no limit to the number of unique labels produced.

3. Open a new Google document and name it appropriately

In this document Click > Extension > Avery Label Merge > Start

4. Click “Select Spreadsheet” to choose the file named above.

Choose the “Sheet” from which to merge data (if applicable).

The first row contains column headings  which will be used as Merge Fields.

5. Choose a preferred template from the Avery product range.

In the middle of the selection panel find the option: “Label / Envelope:” 

Click on the default option shown in blue font “Avery 5160”

6. Check the dimensions and scroll to select an alternative if desired.

We will use Avery label #938208 for this example. 

7. Click “Apply” to use the selected label.

8. Insert your text, images and merge fields into the “Label Template Box” below.

Add images, text or other objects required.

Any font formatting in the Template Box will be mirrored in your merged labels.

9. Click the “Merge Labels” button to start the merging process.

Note trial limits and consider upgrading if required.

Each time you run the merge process you will see your remaining free merges diminish. 

10. If you are satisfied with your label design click “Yes” to continue.

11. Your label is ready to print.

The final label is saved as a Google Doc and also a .pdf file. 

12. View the complete merged label before printing the batch.

If any change is required, then go back, modify the spreadsheet or label template and re-run the merge.

What Labels Should You Use?

The preferred size of the required label and the format of your printer, will determine the most efficient sheet option to select, i.e. page size and number of labels per page.

Avery is a leading brand of labels and other brands include®, Online Labels® Herma® and these alternatives conform to popular size standards and codes.

What add-on mail merge software to use

If you decide to use Avery LabelsⓇ, then it probably makes sense to download their Label Merge software, an add-on for Google Sheets, although their range of free templates is limited.

The free version of Avery Label Merge is limited to 30 labels per merge and 20 merges.

Other software Add-ons for Google Sheets include Foxy LabelsⓇ and AutocratⓇ both of whom offer a wide choice of pre-designed templates, compatible with different label providers.

Foxy Labels’ FREE option is limited to 100 labels per document forever, and for higher volumes you can opt for either an annual or a lifetime subscription.

Google users also have free access to AutocratⓇ from the Add-ons store.

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