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Connect Salesforce to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024!)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show how to connect salesforce to google sheets using the data connector for salesforce and with Lido. Simply follow the steps below.

Connect Salesforce To Google Sheets Using Salesforce Connector

1. Install Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector is an add-on in Google Sheets. To add it, Click Extensions, Select Add-ons, then choose Get add-ons.

salesforce to google sheets

The Google Workspace Marketplace will be loaded.

connect salesforce to google sheets

Type Salesforce on the search bar at the top of the box. The results will be listed.

google sheets salesforce

Select Salesforce Connector

salesforce google sheets

A box will be loaded, reminding you that Salesforce Connector needs your permission in order to start installing. Click Continue.

google sheets salesforce

A new tab or window will appear, where you choose the Google account. Select the Google account you are currently using.


salesforce connector google sheets

The permissions needed by the add-on will appear. Click Allow.

salesforce google sheets connector

The tab or window will close, and the message Salesforce Connector has been installed! Will appear in Google Sheets. Click DONE.

salesforce integration to google sheets

2. Connect Salesforce Account via Salesforce Connector

After installing the add-on, click Extensions, choose Salesforce Connector, then select Click to enable the add-on.

salesforce connected to google sheets

Afterwards, click Extensions, choose Salesforce Connector, then select Open.

connecting salesforce to google sheets

The Salesforce Connector sidebar will load on the right side of Google Sheets.

google sheets integration for salesforce

You can either import from the Production environment or Sandbox environment . By default, the Production environment is selected. Click Authorize.

authorize connection between google sheets and salesforce

A new tab or window will load again, this time from Salesforce, asking you if you want to allow Google Sheets add-on to access the Salesforce data. Click Allow.

salesforce google sheets connection

You will get a message saying “Data connector for Salesforce successfully authenticated to Salesforce”. You can close the tab or window.

import salesforce to google sheets

3. Select Data to Import

The interface of the sidebar changes, showing options such as Reports, Import, Update, Delete, and Refresh. As we want to import the data, we select Reports.

salesforce data import to google sheets

A list of options will appear. You can either search all reports or input the name of the specific report you want to import. For our tutorial, we will search all reports first. You can also select which sheet to import the report to. By default, Import to active sheet is selected. After setting these options, click SEARCH.

export salesforce report to google sheets, salesforce connector sidebar, select source report

A list of reports will appear. Select what you need to import, then click GET DATA.

salesforce report exported to sheets

A prompt will appear, reminding you that All data from the active spreadsheet will be replaced. Click REPLACE. 

salesforce data in google sheets

The data will now be loaded to the active sheet!

sales report from salesforce in google sheet

Connect Salesforce To a Lido Spreadsheet (Easiest Way)

If you want an alternative to Google Sheets that has a built-in 

1. Click the Green Data Button

The green Data button is in the upper-left corner of the Lido sheet page.

A box will be loaded, listing the platforms that can be integrated with Lido. Select Salesforce

google sheets salesforce using lido, select data source

2. Connect Lido to Salesforce

After selecting Salesforce, you will be asked to input the subdomain of your Salesforce database and name the connection. Supply the subdomain of your Salesforce account and the name you want to give to the connection, then select Connect With Salesforce

connect lido to salesforce

A tab or window will load, where you will be asked by Salesforce to allow Lido access to the data. Click Allow.

export salesforce to lido

The tab or window will close, and the message Successfully connected to Salesforce will appear. Click Next.

connect salesforce to lido

3. Select Data to Import

After clicking Next, an interface for selecting the data to import will appear. The first table in alphabetical order will appear. If you want reports, click the Reports tab first. For our example, we will import a database table named Leads.

import salesforce data into lido spreadsheet

To select a different table, click the drop-down box in the upper-left corner. Select the table you want to import. For our example, it is Leads

salesforce leads in a spreadsheet

The list of columns is located below the drop-down box. You can select specific columns by ticking them one-by-one, or tick Select All if you want all columns imported. Once you have selected the columns, click Add Data.

select salesforce columns to import to lido

The data has now been imported to your Lido spreadsheet. 

salesforce sales data in lido spreadsheet

Not only does Lido have a built-in import function, but you can build powerful dashboards with our easy drag and drop builder.

Click here to get started.

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to connect Salesforce to Google Sheets. You might also like our articles on how to connect Airtable to Google Sheets and how to connect Typeform to Google Sheets.

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