Connect Typeform to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2023)

In this article we will show how to automatically connect typeform to Google Sheets in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Connect Typeform to Google Sheets

1. Navigate to Typeform’s Google Sheets Integration Page

Using the link below, go to Typeform’s Google Sheets integration page.

Integrating typeform into Google Sheets

2. Click Login or signup in the Top Right Hand Corner. 

In our example we will click the Sign in with Google button and choose our google account. 

Alternatively you can select the Sign up with email option below.

Connect typeform to Google Sheets

Choose your Google account and select accept.

2. Create a New Typeform or Open an Existing Typeform

A popup will prompt you to Create a new Typeform or Choose an existing Typeform that will be connected to Google Sheets.

If Creating a New Typeform:

Typeform to Google Sheet: Creating a Typeform 

A prompt box will let you create a new Typeform. Two boxes will allow you to customize your Typeform. 

Assign a name in the text box, in our example we have called it ‘MyTypeform’

In the second box, select the style of Typeform you want to generate from the assortment of presets in the dropdown, including an ‘Other’ option for customization.

With your settings selected, click Continue and your new Typeform will be generated.

If Choosing an Existing Typeform:

Click on the dropdown menu that appears and select the Typeform you want to connect to google sheets.

At the top of Typefrom you created / chose, click the option to Connect.

Google Sheets connection to Typeform 

Select the Google Sheets option to connect your Typeforms data by clicking Connect

How do I Connect Google Sheets to Typeform

A Prompt option will ask you to either ‘Create new sheet’ or ‘Use existing’.

At the bottom of the page you can name your spreadsheet, in our example we have called our sheet ‘Test Sheet one’. With the name assigned, click Create Sheet

Creating a Typeform to connect to Google Sheets 

6. Your Typeforms Responses will be Added to your Google Sheets file

The new Google Sheets spreadsheet will automatically load in a new screen.

When data is entered into your Typeform it will appear in this sheet automatically. This option can be disabled in Typeform settings at any time.

Google Sheets Generated for Typeform Data

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