How to Link an Email in Google Sheets (Easiest Way 2023)

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In this article we will show how to make an email link in google sheets in just a few simple steps using the HYPERLINK function. Simply follow the steps below:

Hyperlink an Email Address in Google Sheets

1. Set a Column for Hyperlink

For our example, we have the following sheet containing names and emails.

google sheets email link

The emails are stored under the email column header in B1, so the cells containing the emails are B2, B3, etc. We want to insert a link in Column C. We will add a column header called Contact User to cell C1. 

how do i make an email link in google sheets‍

2. Use =HYPERLINK(“mailto:”&cell, link_label)

To convert the email into a clickable link that lets you send an email to the user, use the HYPERLINK function. It converts a URL stored as a string into a hyperlink. For the emails, use the following syntax:

=HYPERLINK(“mailto:”&email_address, link_label)

Where email_address is the reference to the cell where the email is stored.

link_label is what the label of the link will be.

The  formula inserts mailto: at the front of the email address, and then converts it to a clickable URL. Next, it gives the URL a cover label which is what will be visible in Google Sheets as the clickable text. 

In our example the formula will add the anchor text “Email Name” to the hyperlink. The name beside the first email value in row 2 is Ann Aribaud so the anchor text for the hyperlink will be “Email Ann Aribaud”

=HYPERLINK(“mailto:”&B2, “Email ”&A2)

how to hyperlink an email address in google sheets

3. Press Enter

The hyperlink will appear in C2.

how to link an email in google sheets‍

If you hover your cursor over the link, you will see a pop-up message saying Send to mailto:emailaddress.

Hovering over the message itself will show a contact card containing the email address. If you have saved the email address as a contact, Google Sheets will detect that contact and show the name.

make a hyperlink to email someone in google sheets‍

Once you click the link, the default app you set for sending emails on your computer will be loaded with the email in the link set as the recipient.

4. Apply Formula to Entire Column

To convert all the email addresses to links in the column there are two methods you can follow: 

Click on the cell and double-click the round blue dot to autofill the column with the formula.

convert email into link google sheets

Click on the cell and Click-drag the round blue dot in the lower-right corner of the cell.

how to hyperlink an email address google sheets

Either way, the results will be the same:

Email address links added to google sheets


How do you Make the Link Display Only the First Name?

We simply need to modify the formula a bit:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&email_address, "Email "&LEFT(whole_name,FIND(" ",whole_name)-1))

Where email_address is the cell containing the email and whole_name is the reference to the cell containing the whole name.

This additionally inputs the whole name and outputs Email First Name as the label for the link.

Make sure that the cell containing the whole name does have the whole name with the First Name appearing first. The result can be seen below:

Email link google sheets but displays only first name of recipient

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