Export Airtable to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2023)

5 Minutes

In this article we will show how to automatically export Airtable to Google Sheets in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Export Airtable to Google Sheets

1. Select the Table to Export

Open an Airtable base, then select one of the tables along the tabs. For this example we have a Product catalog base, and we select the Furniture table to export.

export airtable to google sheets, select table to export

2. Click the Name of the View, then select Download as CSV

Next, we click the icon next to the label Views, which includes the name of the table. For this example it is labeled All furniture. Click it. 

export airtable to google sheets, table to import selected

A drop-down list will appear when you click it. Select Download as CSV

export airtable to google sheets, download CSV of the selected table highlighted

A warning will appear regarding Attachment links expiring. Click Okay

export airtable to google sheets, warning for attachment links expiring shown

The file will be downloaded to your computer. Open the folder where it is located. 

3. Open a Google Sheets Spreadsheet. Click File and Select Import 

Go to Google Sheets and either open a spreadsheet or create a new one. Afterwards, click FIle then select Import.

airtable to google sheets, click file, select import

The Import file box will appear. Click the UPLOAD tab. 

airtable to google sheets, import file box with space for uploading file

4. Drag Airtable File To Import file Box

Drag the Airtable CSV file we exported earlier to the blank space below the Upload tab of the Import file box.

airtable to google sheets, drag airtable csv file to import file space

5. Set Import settings

The initial Import file box will be replaced by a smaller box containing import settings. These are the Import location and the Separator type

airtable export to google sheets, import file options

The Import location sets where the data from the Airtable CSV file will be added to. We will select Insert new sheet(s) to tell Google Sheets to insert the data as a new sheet to the active spreadsheet. 

airtable export to google sheets, set airtable data import location, insert new sheets option selected

We then set the separator type. Since the Airtable CSV file uses commas to delineate the cells, we set this to Comma

airtable export to google sheets, set airtable data separator type to comma

Here are the settings we will use for this example. You can check our tutorial on importing CSV to Google Sheets for more details about the import options. (link)

airtable export to google sheets, import options set

6. Click Import data

The data will now be inserted. You are free to edit the data depending on what you need. 

airtable export to google sheets output

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