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Google Sheets Add-ons for Spreadsheet Formatting

As you can see from the wide variety of tutorials that we already have in our library, you can do so many things with Google Sheets, from simple calculation to advanced data analysis! Sometimes, however, the exact feature that you need is either not possible within the current design of Google Sheets, or it requires you to code it via the Google Apps Script. For that, there is a third option: via the Google Sheets add-ons! Google Sheets has a wide variety of add-ons that you can install to instantly add functionality to any spreadsheet. Some of the additional functionalities that add-ons can provide are the following:

  • Data gathering
  • Forms
  • Spreadsheet formatting
  • Number crunching

Google Sheets allows you to format your spreadsheets in a number of ways. Some of them are featured in the following tutorials below:

You can add more formatting functionality to your spreadsheets by installing Google Sheets add-ons. This article is a rundown of the most popular add-ons for spreadsheet formatting. Are you ready?

How to install add-ons to Google Sheets

To access Google Sheets add-ons, click Extensions in the main toolbar, then Add-ons, then Get add-ons.

Extensions, Add-ons, then Get add-ons

Google Workspace Marketplace will be loaded.

Google Workspace Marketplace

The Google Workspace Marketplace is where add-ons can be accessed and then added to your Google Sheets spreadsheets. Add-ons are third-party apps that add functionality to Google services such as Google Sheets. Here are the steps, using SyncWith | Any API as an example (we will feature this add-on later in this article):

Step 1: Click on an add-on, then the page containing the description of the add-on will appear. To install it, click the Install button. 

Google Workspace Marketplace. Specific page for an add-on with Install button on the right side. 

Step 2: A small box with the label Get ready to install will appear. Click Continue. 

Get ready to install pop-up window

Step 3: A new window will appear, asking you to select the Google account where you want to use the add-on.

Choose an account window. The Google accounts are listed. You will select the one where you will use the add-on

After selecting the account, the list of permissions will appear. Click Allow

List of permissions required by the add-on

The add-on will now be listed under Extensions. To select the add-on to use, simply go to Extensions option in the main toolbar and click the add-on. 


Icon in Google Marketplace

Flaticon, already a popular website for accessing a huge variety of icons for your use, also offers an add-on to Google Sheets. It is the most popular icon library add-on for Google Sheets, with more than 7.5 million users. The icon library appears as a sidebar with a search bar, where you can look for a particular icon to add.

Flaticon’s library of icons.

The icon is added as an image that you can resize depending on the needs of your spreadsheet.

Power Tools

Power Tools

Used by more than six million users, Power Tools contains more than 30 common spreadsheet actions that would otherwise take several clicks to do. This includes both spreadsheet formatting and basic number-crunching. 

Power Tools sidebar displaying actions for spreadsheet formatting.

Some of the spreadsheet formatting actions include the following:

These are relatively simple actions that you can already implement with the current toolset of Google Sheets, but Power Tools allows the user to easily do so with more functionality.

Table Styles

Table Styles

With more than 3 million users, Table Styles offers a wide range of table styles that you can easily implement to your spreadsheets. Google Themes can be a bit tricky to use. Table Styles allows you to easily apply a table theme by selecting the range, selecting the table style, and then clicking Style at the end of the sidebar.

Table Styles sidebar showing themes available to users.

Grackle Sheets

Grackle Sheets

Unlike other add-ons in this article, Grackle Sheets is created for formatting the published version of your Google Sheets spreadsheets. Specifically, Grackle Sheets is used to check a Google Sheet for accessibility issues and publish an accessible HTML version of the Sheet. 

When you load Grackle Sheets, it automatically runs an accessibility check on your spreadsheet using its 13 criteria, which are clearly listed in its sidebar. The criteria are simple enough to help you edit your spreadsheet to pass the flagged checks on the list. Afterwards, you can check the Table Structure tab to ensure that your spreadsheet will be properly converted to an HTML table. Finally, you can click Download HTML.

Grackle Sheets sidebar showing accessibility checklist.

The HTML generated uses plain HTML syntax, which allows you to format the spreadsheet using your own CSS scripts in your website.

If you prefer more built-in spreadsheet formatting capabilities…

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