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How to View Google Form Responses (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article we will show you how to check google form responses in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

How to See Responses on Google Forms

1. Click the Responses tab

At the top of Google Forms edit area there are three tabs: Questions, Responses, and Settings. By default, the Questions tab is selected.

How to check google form responses

There should be a number besides the Responses label if your form has had any responses. Select the Responses tab.

How to see google form responses

You will see the following:

How to view google form responses

2. Select the Summary, Question, or Individual Tab

There are three tabs for viewing the responses. The Summary tab summarizes the answers for each question. This is selected as the default tab when you view the Responses tab for the first time. Data is visualized in this tab.

How to see responses on google forms

If you want to see all the responses listed for a selected question, click the Question tab.

View google form responses

A drop-down box appears below the Question tab, where you can select the specific question to check the responses. The drop-down box lists the questions so you can easily select the one you need to check.

You can also check the questions one-by-one in their order by clicking the arrows that enclose 1 of N, where N is the total number of questions.

View responses google forms

Finally, you can also check individual responses by clicking the Individual tab. 

How to check responses on google forms

By default, the first response submitted is displayed. To check the other responses, click the arrows on the portion below the Summary label.

Google forms view responses

You can only view one response at a time, and responses are always arranged in the order they are received. You can jump to a different response if you know its number; just type it into the small text box between the arrows. 

How to view responses to google forms

3. Click Link to Sheets

Finally, you can view the responses tabulated through Google Sheets. To do so, click Link to Sheets in the upper-right corner of the Responses tab.

google forms results

A box will appear labeled Select destination for responses. You have two options: Create a new spreadsheet (the default option) and Select existing spreadsheet. We want to create a new sheet for the responses so we won’t change the default option. Click Create.

Create new spreadsheet to view google forms responses

A new tab will appear, loading the new spreadsheet containing the responses. 

Google sheets containing google forms responses

We hope you now have a better understanding of the various methods you can use to see responses on google forms. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on what the header image size is in Google Forms and how to use email notifications for Google Forms.