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Qualtrics vs Google Forms: Which Is Better in 2024?

In this article, we explore the key features of Qualtrics and Google Forms and compare their differences. Read on to learn more.

qualtrics vs google forms

Qualtrics at a Glance

Qualtrics is an advanced software platform specifically designed for creating, distributing, and analyzing online surveys. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust data analysis capabilities, enabling users to conduct complex research, gather customer or employee feedback, and perform market analysis with ease. 

Key Features of Qualtrics

Here are five key features of Qualtrics:

XM Directory: Qualtrics' XM Directory allows for sophisticated management of respondent panels, enabling personalized surveys and in-depth trend analysis.

Statistical Analysis and Reporting Tools: It offers advanced statistical analysis capabilities, such as conjoint analysis and regression, for deep data insights within the platform.

Text and Voice Analytics: The platform features text and voice analytics using natural language processing to extract insights from qualitative data.

Automated Actions Based on Feedback: Qualtrics can trigger automated responses, like emails or alerts, based on specific survey feedback, enhancing real-time engagement.

360-Degree Feedback Tool: The tool supports comprehensive 360-degree feedback collection, providing a holistic view of performance for organizational and employee development.

google forms vs qualtrics

Google Forms at a Glance

Google Forms is a free, user-friendly online tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms. It allows users to easily design questionnaires with various question types and collect responses in real-time. This tool is widely used for its simplicity and integration with other Google Workspace applications.

Key Features of Google Forms

Below, we list five key features of Google Forms:

Free to Use: Unlike Qualtrics, which is a premium service, Google Forms is completely free, making it accessible for personal and small-scale use.

Integration with Google Workspace: Google Forms offers seamless integration with other Google Workspace tools like Google Sheets and Google Drive, facilitating easy data management and collaboration.

Simplicity in Design and Use: Google Forms is known for its straightforward, user-friendly interface, making it easy for users with no technical background to create and manage surveys.

Real-Time Collaboration: It allows multiple users to collaborate on a form in real-time, a feature particularly useful for team-based projects and shared document management.

Basic but Efficient Features: Google Forms provides essential features for survey creation and data collection without the complexity of advanced analytics, making it suitable for quick, simple data gathering tasks.

difference between qualtrics and google forms

Google Forms vs Qualtrics: How Do They Differ? 

Let's compare Google Forms and Qualtrics together to highlight their differences:


Google Forms: Free to use, ideal for individuals and small organizations with limited budgets.

Qualtrics: Operates on a subscription model, catering to businesses and research institutions with more resources.

User Interface

Google Forms: Simple and intuitive, great for quickly setting up surveys and forms without much technical knowledge.

Qualtrics: More complex with advanced features, suited for users needing detailed survey customization and functionality.

Data Analysis

Google Forms: Offers basic analysis tools, appropriate for straightforward data collection and analysis.

Qualtrics: Provides advanced analytics, including statistical analysis and predictive tools, for in-depth data insights.


Google Forms: Seamlessly integrates with other Google Workspace tools, enhancing collaboration and data management.

Qualtrics: Extensive integration capabilities with a wide range of business and research tools for comprehensive data utility.

Target Audience

Google Forms: Best for educational, personal, or basic business data collection where ease of use is paramount.

Qualtrics: Ideal for businesses, academic researchers, and organizations requiring detailed survey functionalities and insights.

Collaboration Features

Google Forms: Enables real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together on forms.

Qualtrics: Offers collaborative tools, but more tailored towards professional teams and complex survey projects.


Google Forms: Limited customization options, focusing on basic layout and question types.

Qualtrics: Extensive customization in survey design, including complex question types, branding, and conditional logic.

Survey Logic

Google Forms: Provides basic conditional logic for guiding respondents through surveys.

Qualtrics: Features advanced logic capabilities, such as branching, skip patterns, and randomized content.


Google Forms: Basic reporting features, primarily exporting data to Google Sheets.

Qualtrics: Comprehensive reporting with real-time dashboards, automated reports, and advanced data visualization.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the key differences between Qualtrics vs Google Forms. You might also like our articles on Google Forms vs Google Surveys and Wufoo vs Google Forms.

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