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How to Number Questions in Google Forms (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to number questions in Google Forms. Simply follow the steps below.

Number Questions in Google Forms

Despite Google Forms not offering an automatic question numbering feature, you can easily number your questions manually. Follow these simple steps to ensure your form is well-organized and easy to navigate.

1. Click the Plus Icon to Add the First Question

Locate and click the plus icon (+) on the right-side toolbar within your form to create a new question field.

2. Start Each Question with a Number

In the question field, type "1." and then the question text. Number each question starting with '1.', '2.', '3.', etc., followed by a space to differentiate the number from the question text.

number questions in google forms

3. Enter Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions

For questions requiring options, type each response choice in the 'Option' fields that appear under the question.

can you number questions in google forms

4. Continue Adding Questions with Sequential Numbers

Repeat the process for additional questions, numbering them "2.", "3.", "4.", etc., in sequence before each question.

number questions in google forms

5. Use the Preview Option to Check the Numbering

Use the preview option (the eye icon at the top of the screen) to review your form and confirm that the numbering is correct and displays as intended.

how to number questions in google forms
how to number questions in google form

6. Save Your Form Progress

Google Forms automatically saves all changes to your form in Google Drive as you work, ensuring your edits are not lost.

7. Send Your Form to Gather Responses

When you are satisfied with the setup of your form, click the 'Send' button at the top to distribute your form via email, or click the link icon to get a shareable link.

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