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How to Edit Responses in Google Forms after Submission [2024]

In this article we will show you how to edit a google form response in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

How to Edit Submitted Responses in Google Forms

As a form creator, you cannot edit the submitted responses. However, you can make them editable after submission to the user who made the response. Here are the steps:

1. Click the Settings Tab

At the top of Google Forms there are three tabs: Questions, Responses, and Settings tab. Click the Settings tab. 

How to edit responses in google forms

You will see a list of settings for controlling how your Google Forms works. 

How to edit response in google form

Screencap of this step:

Click settings tab screencap

2. Open Response settings

Click the down arrow to the right of the Responses setting to see all of the response settings available.

Google form edit response‍

When you click the arrow, it reveals the settings for controlling the responses sent by the users via the form. 

How to edit google form response

Screencap of this step:

3. Enable Allow response editing

One of the settings is “Allow Response Editing”. This should be enabled if you want the user to edit their response after submitting. Click the toggle icon on its right.

Edit responses in google forms‍

The toggle icon will change color from gray to violet or to whatever color your theme uses. 

Can creator edit responses in google forms‍

Screencap of this step:

Allow response editing screencap

The user submitting their response will see a hyperlink labeled Edit your response. The user should keep a copy of that link so they can edit their response anytime after they submit. There is no need for them to log in to their Google accounts to be able to get this function. 

Edit your response link showing after submitting response‍

4. Optional: Tie Their Response to their Google Account by Enabling Collect Email Addresses and Limit to 1 response

You can also tie the users’ responses to their Google Account, making it easier for them to edit their responses. To do so, enable Limit to 1 response option by clicking the toggle on the right of it. The toggle icon will change color from gray to violet or to whatever color your theme uses.

How to edit submitted responses in google forms

Screencap of this step:

Enable limit to 1 response screencap‍

You should enable the Collect email address option. By default, the form doesn’t collect email addresses.

To enable it, click the drop-down box on the right of it. You will get options such as Verified and Responder input. Click Verified. Choosing this option makes the user log in to their Google account before answering the form. It actually makes it easier for them since they automatically get the option to edit their response if they open the form in a browser where their Google account is logged in. 

Can i edit responses in google forms

Screencap of this step:

Edit google forms responses

An option to send a copy of response to the email of the user appears afterwards.

How to edit google forms responses

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding on how to edit responses in Google Forms after submission.

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