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Google Forms Daily Report (How to Easily Create in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to create a Google Forms daily report. Simply follow the process below. 

Daily Report Template for Google Forms

Click here to access our free Google Forms daily report template.

google forms daily report

How to Create a Google Forms Daily Report

Follow the steps below to create a Google Forms daily report. 

1. Create a New Form by Clicking the '+' Button 

Click the "+" button or select a template to create a new form. This serves as the foundation for your daily report.

2. Enter a Title and Description for Your Form

Enter a title for your form, like "Daily Activity Report", and add a brief description to explain its purpose.

3. Add Questions for Daily Activities Using the '+' Button

Use the "+" button on the sidebar to add questions.

You can select from various types such as short answer, paragraphs, or multiple choice. Frame questions relevant to the daily activities you want reported.

4. Make Questions Mandatory by Toggling the 'Required' Switch

For each question, you can choose whether it's required by toggling the "Required" switch. This ensures respondents answer all crucial questions.

5. Organize Your Form Into Sections for Different Parts of the Day

If your report covers different parts of the day or various activities, use the "Add section" button to organize your form accordingly.

6. Personalize Your Form by Choosing a Theme or Color

Personalize your form by selecting a theme. Click on the palette icon and choose a color or background that fits the context of your report.

7. Test Your Form's Functionality and Clarity by Previewing It

Before sharing, preview your form by clicking the eye icon. This allows you to test the form's functionality and clarity from a respondent's perspective.

8. Share Your Form via Email, Link, or by Embedding It on a Website

Click "Send" to distribute your form.

You can share it via email, a direct link, or embed it on a website. Choose the method that best reaches your intended audience.

9. Review and Analyze Incoming Responses in the 'Responses' Tab

As responses come in, go to the "Responses" tab to review the data. Google Forms provides analysis tools to help you interpret the results easily.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create a Google Forms daily report. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to generate a report from Google Forms or our article on how to set up Google Forms choice removal. 

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