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Duplicate a Google Form (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to duplicate a Google Form. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Duplicate Google Forms

Follow the process below to duplicate Google Forms, which enables you to create a new version without altering the original copy. 

1. Open the Form You Want to Duplicate

Locate the form on your Google Forms dashboard you wish to copy. Click on this form to enter its editing mode, where you can view and edit all the questions and settings.

2. Click on the 'More' Button

On your form's editing page, direct your attention to the upper right-hand corner. There, you will find the 'More' button, symbolized by three vertically aligned dots. Click this to open up additional options for your form.

3. Select 'Make a Copy' from the Dropdown Menu

Once you've clicked on the 'More' button, a dropdown menu will appear. Look for the option titled 'Make a copy'. Clicking this will bring up a new dialogue window. This window allows you to manage the settings for the form's duplicate.

can you duplicate a google form

4. Name Your New Form and Choose Where to Save It

In the dialogue window for making a copy, you'll see an option to rename your form. This is where you specify what the new form will be called. Additionally, you can decide where you want to store this form by choosing a folder in Google Drive.

how to duplicate Google forms

5. Complete the Duplication Process

After you've set the new name and the location for your form, finalize the duplication by clicking on the 'Make a Copy' button. This creates a copy of the form with the specified details.

how to duplicate a form in google forms

6. Locate and Open the Newly Created Form Copy

Now head over to the Google Drive folder you chose earlier. You should see your newly duplicated form there. Click on the form title to open it in the form editor.

duplicate google form

7. Customize the Copied Form as Required

With your new form open, you can now start making any edits or changes you need. Adjust the questions, form layout, theme, or settings according to what's required for your new use case.

duplicate sgoogle form

8. Share the New Form with Others

To share the duplicated form, locate and hit the 'Send' button at the top of the form editor. 

a google form

9. Close the Original Form to Avoid Confusion

Once you've finished duplicating and sharing your new form, it's a good idea to close the original form's tab in your browser. This helps prevent any mix-ups between the original and the copy.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to duplicate a Google Form. 

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