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How to Remove a Drop Down List in Google Sheets [2024 Update]

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to remove a drop down list in google sheets in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

How to Remove a Drop Down List in Google Sheets Using the Delete Button

You can use the delete button to remove a single dropdown list or a range of dropdown lists. Here are the steps:

1. Click the Cell Containing the Drop Down List

Find and select the cell containing the drop-down list. Make sure you don’t click the oblong shape of the drop-down list since the drop down list will appear instead.

Remove drop down list google sheets

An option may be selected in the drop-down list or not. This will be important in the next step.

2. Press Delete Once or Twice

To remove the drop-down list in the select cell, press the Delete button on the keyboard. You need to do this once or twice, depending on whether an option in the drop-down list is selected:

If an option is selected, press Delete twice.

google sheets Remove drop down list

If an option is not selected, press Delete once. 

Remove dropdown list in google sheets

Voila! You have removed the drop-down list. You can use this method to remove dropdown lists from a range of cells. Simply select the range containing the dropdown lists before pressing Delete once or twice.

how to Remove dropdown list in google sheets

How to Remove a Drop Down List in Google Sheets with the Data Validation Sidebar

There are cases where the dropdown lists are used such that they cannot be easily deleted using the Delete button on the keyboard. One example is shown below. The same dropdown list is in two separate columns. 

Dropdown list in different columns google sheets

In this case can use another method. Here are the steps:

1. Click Data then Select Data validation

Unlike the previous method, you don’t need to select the dropdown list nor its range. Go straight to Data then select Data validation.

Click data then select validation

A sidebar will appear labeled Data validation rules

Data validation rules containing the dropdown list in google sheets

2. Find the Dropdown List Rule

The Data validation rules sidebar will list all the data validation rules you set in the sheet. They are not always for dropdown lists. When you hover your cursor over each entry in the list, the range it covers is highlighted. Put your cursor on every entry until the dropdown list you want to remove is highlighted. 

Data validation rule for drop down rule highlighted in google sheets

3. Click Delete rule

When you put the cursor in the listed rule, an icon appears on the right side of the listed rule labeled Remove rule. Click the icon. 

Remove rule icon in data validation rules

You have now removed the dropdown list! Screencap below:

Remove drop down list via data validation rules sidebar screencap‍

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to remove a drop down list in google sheets.

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