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Google Sheets Printing Too Small (Easiest Solution in 2024)

How to Fix Google Sheets Printing Too Small 

There are a number of methods to fix Google Sheets when the printing is too small. We will explore each method below. 

Adjusting Scale in Print Settings

You can adjust the scale of the area you want to print in Google Sheets through the print settings. 

1. Open Print Settings from Google Sheets

Navigate to 'File' > 'Print' to access the print settings for your document.

google sheets printing too small

2. Select 'Custom Scale' to Enlarge Printout Size

Find the 'Scale' option in the sidebar.

Adjust it by selecting 'Custom number', then increase the percentage value to enlarge your printout.

3. Preview Printout to Ensure Correct Sizing

Use the preview feature to check that the text and data are appropriately sized for your needs, making adjustments if necessary.

4. Confirm and Print with Adjusted Settings

Once the preview looks good, confirm your settings and click 'Print' to produce your document with the adjusted scale.

Adjusting Sheet Content Size Before Printing

Follow the steps below to adjust your content size before printing. 

1. Increase Font Size for Better Readability

Select the desired cells or the whole sheet and use the toolbar to increase the font size, making the content larger for printing.

2. Manually Adjust Column Widths and Row Heights

Click and drag the boundaries between columns and rows to manually adjust their sizes, providing more space for your content.

3. Define Specific Print Area in Google Sheets

Highlight the specific area you wish to print, then navigate to 'File' > 'Print' and choose 'Selected cells' to print only your defined area.

4. Print the Document with Adjusted Content Size

After adjusting the content size and setting the print area, preview and then print your document.

Using Google Sheets' Scale to Fit Option

Follow the steps below to use Google Sheets’ scale to fit option. 

1. Navigate to Print Settings in Google Sheets

Open the 'File' menu and select 'Print' to access print settings for your sheet.

2. Choose 'Fit to Width' or 'Fit to Height' for Automatic Scaling

In the print settings, under 'Scale', select either 'Fit to width' or 'Fit to height' to automatically adjust your sheet's size to fit the printed page.

3. Use Preview to Adjust Scale to Fit Settings

Check the preview to determine which scaling option best fits your needs, making any necessary adjustments between 'Fit to width' and 'Fit to height'.

4. Print Your Google Sheet with Scale to Fit Adjustments

Confirm your scale adjustments through the preview, then proceed to print your document with the new settings by clicking 'Next'.

Select 'Print' to print your document with the adjusted scale.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to fix Google Sheets printing too small. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to insert special characters in Google Sheets or our article on how to insert a signature in Google Sheets.

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