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How to Delete a Row in Google Sheets (Easiest Method)

May 8, 2024

There are a variety of different reasons you might want to delete a row from your Google Sheets spreadsheet—whether to reflect a change in the relevant data, correct a mistake, or remove unused rows to simplify and clean up the document. Thankfully, Google makes it easy to delete a row in Sheets. We’ll show you how to use the easiest methods to delete a row in Google Sheets.

How to Delete a Row in Google Sheets

When you want to remove a row from your Google spreadsheet, choose one of the methods below and follow the simple steps. 

We have also created a sample sheet for your convenience. Click here to access the sample sheet and follow along at home.

Delete a Row Using the Edit Menu in Google Sheets

The simplest way to delete a row from a Google Spreadsheet is by using the edit menu.

1. Select the Row you Wish to Delete

How to delete a row on Google Sheets

Hover your cursor of the row number at the leftmost, horizontal axis of the spreadsheet and click to select the whole row. Alternatively, you can simply select any cell in the row. 

2. Open the Edit Menu

Delete row Google Sheets

With the row selected, move your cursor to the horizontal menu atop your spreadsheet and select “Edit.” 

3. Select “Delete”

How do I delete a row in Google Sheets

With the edit menu open, move your cursor down to choose “Delete.” Once selected, a submenu will appear. 

4. Choose the row from the menu

Delete a row in Google Sheets

The delete sub menu is populated by contextual information, filling in the relevant data based on your selections with the mouse. With Row 10 selected, the menu’s second option will remove the whole row from your spreadsheet

Delete a Row Using the Right-Click Button

The right-click button offers a different way of quickly and easily removing a row. 

1. Select the row you wish to delete

How do you delete a row in Google Sheets

The first step is the same, whether you’re using the mouse or the edit menu. You can also use this method to delete multiple rows in Google Sheets. Just select all the ones you want to get rid of during this stage. 

2. Press the Right Click Button

Google Sheets delete row

With your row selected, pressing the right click button will produce a contextual menu. 

3. Choose “Delete Row” from the menu

Deleting rows in Google Sheets

Scroll down the contextual menu to locate the “Delete Row” option. Simply select it and click, and your excess row will disappear. 

Using Keyboard Shortcuts While Deleting a Row in Google Sheets

Check out our full tutorial for a delete row shortcut in Google Sheets.

With either method, there are a few different keyboard shortcuts available that can simplify the process and allow you to more efficiently remove a row. 

  • Select row: Press SHIFT + SPACE to select the whole row you wish to delete or modify
  • Open delete menu: Press CTRL + ALT + - to open a menu with the full range of delete options for the selection in question
  • Delete selected row(s): If you’re using the Chrome browser, press ALT + E, D, D to remove the selected rows. In Safari, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers, press ALT + SHIFT + E, D. 
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